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Lawlz, 6 of my 13 icons are Yu-Gi-Oh! related at the moment. That's sad. (For the record, I didn't make this one. I found it somewhere on the internets.)

So I hate those of you who haven't started class yet. I'm already swamped with homework and it is fail. My calendar is also full of PSP stuff. Aaaaand I'm still praying for a job. Sent Krissy my resume/etc last week and she's going to give it to her boss on Tuesday when he gets back from vacation. Keep your fingers crossed for me plz.

Honestly? I don't know that this semester is going to be as bad as I expected. So far Physics is just a lot of math. Algebra, really. Which I can totally do. Calculus is kinda going to suck, but my book should finally be getting here this week, which means I can actually do problems (and read the book, since my teacher does, in fact, suck) and gauge where I am. I know I definitely need to review trig functions, ew. [Funny story about my book: I ordered it on 8/4. 8/24 it still hasn't arrived, and Half.com finally lets me contact the person about it. Three days later (only a few hours before I can file an official complaint) I get an email back saying "omg I just got back from vacation and got the notification. I'm sorry!" ...wtf. Srsly. WTF. If you're going on vacation for three weeks, don't list your shit. So I got a refund, and for $4 more, I'm getting the text and solutions manual from someone else. I guess that works, ne?]

Political Christianity is interesting, but it's a lot of the guy just talking at us, which makes me a little sad. He's funny though, so it works. It's weird, learning about other sides (mostly political) to the stuff I was force-fed in grade school. That does make it easier for me to write the 200-word responses to the readings though. One of which I told myself I would write tonight, until I got distracted by talking to Stacey and Maria. Whatever, I'll to it tomorrow. >> It's not even due til Thursday.

Orgo lab is going to be interesting. Three lab reports and a research paper. And we have to write our own procedures. >< Yay honors section. Orgo class? Is... yeah. We only have it Tuesday nights 7-9:50, which means we cover AT LEAST one entire chapter per class. Got to get working on studying that. u__u But Jet and Mary Beth and one of their friends are in the same class, which means we're doing homework together and studying together and such. Woot for that.

My schedule pretty much rocks. Minus the having Calc 4 times a week for 50 minutes, because that can't be avoided unless I want it twice a week for an hour and a half. ICKKK. For only three more weeks, I have one class on Thursday, from 4-515. After that my Thursdays are free. I'd rather Friday off, but whatever. A day off is a day off, and Friday I only have class from 10-1150.

Found out that a freshman on our floor is the son of the Forensic Science department chair. WHOA. He also happens to be Mary Beth's mentee. And actually invited us to Shafer with his dad last night. That was awkward like whoa, but also cool.

This is me not going to bed by midnight as I'd planned. But it's okay, because I only woke up a little more than 12 hours ago. >> That was an accident. I need to get batteries for my cool alarm clock, because the one I'm using now is loud and obnoxious and I don't want to wake other people up with it. Even though Michelle is always gone to class by the time I get up. >> But if I'm going to start getting up early and being productive, I'll need the alarm clock.

What the fuck is with people screaming at each other and beeping outside? Jesus.

I need to have my mommy send me my YGO DVDs. I forgot to bring them with me. I've decided to skip the rest of Duelist Kingdom, since it's boring and retarded and I know what happens. I may watch the duel where Kaiba threatens to kill himself though. And maybe Yugi vs Joey. But not the rest of the crap.

I'm totally ADD right now. I should be writing my silly little paper, or sleeping, but eh, whatever. There are a handful of things I intend to write longer posts about, but those will come when I'm coherent and have the time to waste writing.

Note to self: finish paper early in the morning before people have a chance to ask whether or not it's done. >>"


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