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Ugggggh I am ded. There's been a disease (read: cold like thing) circulating among my friends, and I totally got it out of the blue. Spent two hours outside the Commons yesterday trying to recruit people for PSP, got sunburned, came back, had headache of doom. Now I'm all stuffed up and exhausted for no reason. No class today until 4, so I totally could have slept all day, but I'd signed up to work the PSP table in the Commons again from 10-2, and didn't realize we'd have more than enough people. And was too dead to walk back here, change into PJs again, and set an alarm for class. >> I just made Lipton soup stuff in the microwave, and it came out the consistency of Easy Mac. Uhhh...

I am so glad I finished today's homework over the weekend. SO GLAD. And I figured out what I'm going to write for the final paper, too! So all I have to do is wait til the end of the class after we've goen over everything, then bang out the paper in no time. (I say that now...)

I wish my soup would cool down. I want to eat it so I can get to the Financial Aid office before class, but I don't see that happening. My loan has STILL not gone through. I also haven't gotten my scholarhip check yet, which Mom mailed last week. Urk. Yuck, it tastes super salty. It's like ramen with midget noodles. I wonder if I cooked it wrong?

Okay, so four hours later, I didn't make it to financial aid and I still feel just as gross as I did earlier. Except now I am also wet because I just took a shower and my hair is soaking my shirt, yay. Argh, I'm pretty sure I was sick this time last year too. Whee. I wish I could skip classes tomorrow, but I can't miss Physics because of the clicker/quiz questions. :( And we'll be reviewing for the first test, which is on Monday. Eww.

Really glad tomorrow's Friday. Class 10-1150 and I'm done. Tomorrow night is inductions for the National Society of Collegiate Scholars, which I'm not particularly looking forward to but already RSVPed. There's a party Saturday night that I was going to go to, but now I think I'm just going to sleep. Sleeeeeep is good.


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