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Not much here. I just ate far too much trail mix, despite the fact that it's super late. And I should be sleeping.

I feel a little better now. Felt like shit when we went to breakfast though. I guess it got better all day because I didn't have time to think about being miserable?

NSCS induction was fail. Can't remember if I said that already. But it was nice being with Jet and Michelle.

Almost bummed that I didn't go to the party tonight, but still also don't care. Am going to try to make an effort to go to more parties and at least be more social. Really wondering what "primordidal booze" wound up being though. There are a bunch of people in the lobby in togas. I think I heard Delta Chi's having a toga party? I wonder if it's one of their rush events.

Speaking of frats- all the other events I stressed about planning? I don't need to have. Bahaha. Still going to have one or two, but am cancelling the retarded ones. Effing win.

I think I'm going to try to drag myself out of bed tomorrow to go to Tropical Smoothie when it opens at 10. Mm, smoothie.

Best news ever: I found the roll of quarters that I thought I'd lost three weeks ago! Win! (And now I get the feeling I mentioned that already, but whatever. It bears repeating!)
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