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I just checked my past entries to see what I had and hadn't talked about, and I can't even remember what I read. About my own life. Wow, I must be really tired. xP

I've decided to double major in Chemistry again. (Actually, that had been my plan all along. Just didn't know what to do instead of Biochemistry, because that has no effect on my life whatsoever.) Now I'm doing Chemical Sciences, which is essentially just a Chem degree.

Had a Physics test Monday. Got a 9/10. Class average was a 5.77. And there are just over 300 people in the class. Which means A LOT of people fucked up to bring it down that far. He says the grades won't be curved... I bet the final grade will though. If not... I think I've got a good handle on this class. Came back from lab yesterday and Jet and I did both the homework for the current chapter as well as the suggested problems. Got 100 on both. Woot.

Orgo quiz, as I said, went well. Think I got 100? He hasn't posted the grades yet, but there were only two that I wasn't sure of, and after discussing it with people I think I got one or both right. Here's hoping. Each quiz works out to 3.35% of the final grade, but Orgo traditionally destroys GPAs, so I need all the help I can get. I think I'm understanding it pretty will. Again it all comes down to the discipline I don't have, because I need to force myself to study and to do the homework and practice problems. Actually, the online homework isn't even factored into the final grade, so I guess it's like extra credit? But even still, I can't just not do it. Because that's labelled "homework" and my brain won't let me not do homework. "Suggested problems" are suggested and therefore not required, ergo I don't do them.

Speaking of suggested problems... Calc test starts tomorrow. "Starts" because he's posting the take home part of it tomorrow. It's due Monday, when we have the in-class part of it. Meant to do a lot of review and such tonight, but wound up doing laundry and decluttering my room/desk/etc instead. Got through problems for the first section, which is a repeat of the last stuff I did in Calc I. So I got it right, minus a few integrals that I hadn't learned before. Woot for solutions manuals. So yeah, I have a lot of work to do this weekend, and that's just for Calc. Other than that I have to do Orgo because we have a quiz on Tuesday (again), and a 100-300 word thing for Political Christianity is due Tuesday, and I have Orgo lab on Monday which is going to be a bitch and a half. It actually sounds relatively easy, but is going to be a lot of work and hey, there's a lab report on it due like, in two weeks? oh boy oh boy.

Got a box of random crap from my uncle on Monday. All gifts from him are usually the kind of thing you can find at the Christmas Tree Shop. Cute, but nothing you'll ever actually -use-. There was also a whole bunch of candy in the box (a lot of which I don't think I like), and a Jelly Belly machine. As in a gumball machine that dispenses jelly beans. But needs actual money. >> Jet said we should use it as a fundraiser for PSP. Which... yeah, at least it will get some use.

I think I've solved a mystery about PSP stuff. If I'm right, Rose was calling a Yahoo group a listserv. I thought she meant listserv as in automated mailing list through VCU or something. Either way it doesn't matter because the alumni group I was just given a link to is hidden anyway and doesn't come up in Yahoo's group search thing. So whatever.

Am sad. The BPD Crime Lab offers internships, but the same fucking residency requirement for officers applies to the internships as well. Meaning you have to have lived within the City of Boston (including all the sketchy not-quite-suburbs) for at least a year prior to applying. This policy went into effect after my parents moved to Medford, so my father was grandfathered in. As for me? Don't think it's going to work. Despite that fact that my father and grandfather are/were officers, as is an uncle my marriage on that side; my mom's brother is a civilian who works for the department, as was my she; and at least one of my great-uncles was a cop. So that's six people I can name who are/have been employed by the Department. I wonder if they can make an exception? It's not like I have a choice where I live.
...Not that I think I can do an internship anyway, but if the residency thing applies to that as well, it may also go toward any kind of work there. Oh well. I'll email them anyway since my father has yet to get me any kind of information whatsoever. I'll email the Medford and State police too. Medford police are useless, but whatever. It's worth a shot.

And it's 12:02. I'm putting away the math homework I barely touched and I'm going to bed. Blargh.


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