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I've finished it. Now what am I supposed to do for the rest of the summer? I do have to watch the three movies, and I suppose I could watch the live-action episodes, but still.

First season is still the best. I may look for it on eBay once I start working again. :3

So yeah. First season is made of win. It was the simplest and the most straightforward. And even the most fun to watch even though I knew what was going to happen. Epic battles, secret identities, talking cats... what's not to love? Almost everyone has seen this part, so it's not worth talking about anymore. If you haven't seen it, go see it now. NOW.

Second season wasn't so bad either. The first half of it, anyway. I like the Doom Tree part. Once Chibiusa showed up though, I wanted to stab something. She's so annoying. Argh. I guess it wouldn't have been so bad if she hadn't stayed after the second season. Meh.

Third season... I like Haruka and Michiru and the pure heart crystal thing could have been cool, but it wasn't, really. The season seemed to drag. And then the final battle was resolved far too quickly.

Season four is made of fail. Stupid Chibiusa. I was rather fond of the Amazon Trio, but that was about it.

As for season five... Shitty plot line is shitty. Surprise, Mamoru dies at the beginning and no one knows! More surprise, super popular boy band is really a bunch of girls who are really aliens! And everyone is freaking sailor senshi. Like, what the hell?!

They changed the opening theme, for one thing. It had been the same song for the first four seasons/166 episodes, and then they changed it. To an annoying song. The first handful of episodes seemed to be a continuation of the end of the previous season, so they were okay. But then when the Three Lights/Sailor Starlights showed up, it just got weird. The Starlights wound up growing on me and I really did like Seiya and Yaten, but I wanted to hit Taiki with something. S/he was ugly too. Forehead was far too large.

I didn't like that Mamoru disappeared. Silly me being romantic, I suppose. I was always mad when Chibiusa ruined romantic moments, so I thought maybe they'd devote more time to romance here since she was gone. But really, it's not important. I mean, they only go on to be the king and queen of the world for like, 10 centuries or something. No need to show how fantastically in love they are.

Also wasn't fond of the idea of new senshi. Okay, we've covered all of the planets, we're done now. Kthxbai. Oh hay, they're looking for a lost princess who can save the world too? Awesome! I haven't seen this plot before! I thought maybe it would be Usagi, but not so much. In the end, Sailor Moon et al didn't have much to do with anything until the end when, surprise, Usagi saves the world. It was annoying because on the one hand she never seemed to run out of powerups, but despite that she stillll wasn't strong enough to defeat the bad guy until the very last minute. It also seemed like a waste; they spend the entire season looking for a princess who is present for an episode and a half before she dies. Then it's all up to Sailor Moon and everyone again. I realize there's a limit to believability, but I think it would have been better if Usagi were the focus of this season again and maybe had some other mysterious past to explain it or something. This season really didn't seem to have much to do with the rest, and it was kind of boring in that respect. I'm sure I could make this more coherent if it weren't 130 in the morning and I hadn't just watched 10 episodes practically back-to-back. Ah, well.

Plus side: they were a lot more obvious about Haruka and Michiru's relationship, and it was cute. Corny a few times, but cute.

Major issue with all but the first season is that conflicts seemed to be resolved too quickly. Final battles that are fought in one, maybe one and a half episodes? This is what they spent 40-ish episodes leading up to? Meh.

I may update this later after I've slept. Or I may not.

Go watch Sailor Moon. Nao.

Tsuki ni kawatte oshiokiyo!

(Is it bad that I really want to cosplay Sailor Moon? D:)


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