Jan. 6th, 2007

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Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting I has a dilemma. Last night I panicked because I thought I was only taking 15 credits again, but I'm actually taking 17. Since my natural reaction process is "panick now, confirm later" I started looking for open honors courses/modules before I realized I'm safe. (Safe because the way my schedule is set up, I have to take 17+ credits every semester on top of a few summer classes in order to get the degress I want.) As of twenty minutes ago there was still one seat open in a module on Darwin. It's a plus because I'd be getting another module out of the way and I'd be finishing a gen ed requirement; the drawback is that it's the same professor I had for Heidegger. >< Meaning I'd have no idea what my grade was throughout the entire class. And for all of his classes aside from Heidegger, he assigns a paper at the beginning of the course and one at the end, but I think you have the entire semester to turn them in, or at least a few extra weeks after the end of the course.

Part of me wants to take the class and get it overwith, but another part has reservations. I'm semi-worried about this semester because I think I had it easy last semester. I'm sure Women's Studies will involve writing paper after paper and I have no idea what French will be like. Math I should NOT have a problem with since I already took fucking 2/3 of the class; I know what's involved and what I need to work on, especially if I want to keep my 4.0. And of course Darwin should be a hell of a lot easier to understand than Heidegger was, so I can't get away with BSing as much as I did last semester. Augh.

I wish the Christology module weren't during another of my classes; I'd much rather take that.


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