Jan. 15th, 2007

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Jesus, I suck at life.

I kept feeling the need to be productive today, but the only thing I really needed to do was fill out the honors housing application. Which, by the way, we've been screwed over on. I can't remember if I ranted about that yet, but you'll probably hear more bitching about it Thursday, so whatever. Anyway, I wound up not finishing my fucking application. Tis due Wednesday morning, but argh.

This semester I wanted to stop drinking soda, stop wasting my life online, and start going to the gym more often. Definitely got Mountain Dew at Quizno's. >_> Spent too much time on Gaia. Jet and Mary Beth are going to the gym at 7pm Mon-Thurs, and I want to tag along, but whenever I think about actually going to the gym I'm like "Augh wtfno." Do I want to lose weight, be more fit, and feel better about myself? Yes. Do I want to drag myself to Siegel Center every day and spend an hour there, then drag myself back and shower, and cut at least two hours from my days? Not really.

Ugggh, I kinda just fail at life. Like now, it's after midnight and I have to be up by 730. I hope Shafer has good coffee. >> Am I doing anything important right now? No. I'm just killing time because I have to put my sheets back on my bed before I can go to sleep, and I don't want to make my bed (despite the needing sleep). I was going to be semi-productive and print out my Chem labs, but they didn't post anything except the syllabus. Fail.

Richmond's weather is so fucked up. It was 70+ today and WG was death because they didn't turn the AC on. u.u The low tonight is supposed to be 55 (still 64 right now), and tomorrow's HIGH is 54. Ummm... kay.

Right. I really should go to bed. If anyone needs me in the next few days, email/IM me or call my room phone? I left my cell charger at home and while it's still 2/3 full I don't want it to die. If you can't IM me then email me; the school has some new network security thing called Cleanaccess, but it's fucking with our internets. It logs you off if you're idle for a while, and things are slow and just generally fucked. Kill me now.



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