Jan. 16th, 2007

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Yeah, still here. I have yet to make my bed or even set my alarm. I think I just don't want to close my window for fear of my room becoming even hotter. D:

Let's try this again.
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Oh em gee. My French teacher waits til the day before class to put our shit up on Blackboard. I think I'm kinda fucked, but I also think it will be somewhat easy. I was reading the syllabus and it looks like we're watching like, a movie a week? I've seen at least four of them.

Fuck, the more I read it, the more I'm thinking we have to watch some or most of them outside of class? She's like "you can get some from the library and some from this place and most from blockbuster and netflix" and blah. /paraphrasing.

And apparently there's a book for this class. But neither of the websites for our on-campus bookstores have anything listed. So now I'm freaking out because there's a little quiz on Bb on like, the introduction or something.

Auuuuuugh. I want to kill something at the moment. Hopefully all this shit will be explained tomorrow. I looked at the class list and there's only 25 people and I don't recognize the names (not that I expected to) and I don't know whether they're all upperclassmen or not or what and ARGH. Just ARGH. I'm so stressed. One fucking class has me flipping out and I've not even had it yet. >>


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