Jan. 21st, 2007

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So this is me not being productive. As usual.

This past week has been pretty good. Intro to Women's Studies looks like it will be a fun class. The professor is a friend of Ms. Seminara's, and she's really funny. There are no tests/quizzes, just a midterma and final exam + 3 projects, everything 20% of our final grade. Wahoo. It's in the basement of the library, which makes me sad because the Starbucks there isn't opening til March. No strawberry frappucinos before class for me. (Probably a good thing, heh.)

No quizzes in math either. We have "projects." Duno what those are, but he said he's going to give us 12 though only the 7 highest count. He's big on explaining and assuming people know things, but not on giving notes or doing examples, so I'm glad I already had most of the class before. >>

Chem lab sucks by virtue of it's being chem lab and boring, but Molly's my partner so that makes it all better. She's also in chem lecture with me, which is good because I may have had to kill myself if I were alone again. The guy just sucks and there's no way to describe him. >>

Mass comm is fine as well. Almost 2 hours long, but not that bad. I just have to find Jon next class. We didn't do much this week aside from go over the syllabus. I was so happy to get out an hour early.

French is also fine. I just flipped out because there was so much information on Bb. I should have known not to flip out though. The teacher's really nice. Again, I'm the youngest person in the class. Everyone else is at least a junior/third year. >_>;; That makes sense as it's a 300-level class, but still. I shouldn't have too bad a time. The only thing I'm worried about is getting to 4+ movies during the film festival and finding time for RENT. Because I am going to RENT.

So yes. Last Monday night was uber fun. 12 of us went to The Village Cafe for dinner and it was wonderful. We all crammed into this little booth and it would have been the perfect place to start dancing on the table and singing "La Vie Bohème." :3 Anyway yeah. Crazyawesomeness.

Blahblah school. Basketball games win at LIFE. I don't care much for the game but that's the big sport here and everyone goes. So this week I went to two with friends and it's SO MUCH FUN. Last night was the most fun ever because we played Old Dominion University, which is apparently our rival school. The place was fucking packed. We sat together and stood up the whole time watching it and got into the cheers and whatever and it was AMAZING. Especially when we scored or something and the entire place just started screaming. OMG I love college. The next home game is a week from tomorrow, at it's going to be a rush event for Phi Sigma Pi. Meaning we're meeting at the Commons and all walking there and sitting together. I'm kind of excited about PSP because a bunch of my friends are rushing too. Which is part of why I'm doing it; if I were to be the only one I probably wouldn't do it. But yeah. I can't wait. Yesterday they gave out free pillowcases that say "In your dreams ODU!" :3

The housing thing I was flipping out about turned out fine. I still don't like the way they did it, but we got our rooms so it's okay. We moved to the next hall over. Mary Beth is keeping her room and Jet's two doors down from her. Michelle is on the other side of the hall; she got the big room. (Some of the rooms at the ends of halls are next to storage closets and they have like 3 extra feet. I'm next to Michelle, diagonal from Mary Beth. So it works out. Molly is hopefully getting an apartment so she won't be with us. Stacey wound up on the waiting list for a room but she's only # 10 on it. She's also hoping to be an RA, so it won't matter. We're hoping she'll be the RA for our floor, which would win at life.

Don't ever see the movie Marie Antoinette. It sucks ass. And I really need to go be productive so BAI.


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