Jan. 26th, 2007

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>_> I got a 70 on my Chem quiz last week and I think I bombed the one we took today. I thought I was doing everything right, argh. Whatever, we drop two. I'll just have to be more prepared for the next one.

I love how Blackboard went down for maintenance while I was in the middle of trying to do my homework on it. wtf mates. Yeah it was regularly scheduled maintenance, but still. D:

Tonight there's a party downstairs for the grand opening of the Honors Lounge. The damn thing was supposed to be open before we moved in last semester. It's nice down there; there's a big TV and a DVD player & VCR, couches, tables & chairs, study rooms with computers in each, and two soundproof rooms for practicing music. :3 And the computer lab, where we get free printing (though we have to supply the paper). The computer lab has yet to open though. Bah. Anyway, carnival games and shit at the thing tonight.

After that we're going to Phi Sigma Pi's first rush event~! :3 It's a join event with Theta Tau (professional engineering frat): tis Karaoke and probably Guitar Hero. Michelle, Molly, Mary Beth, Jet and I are going. We're planning on singing Spice Girls in a group. Bwahaha. After the event ends there's going to be a big party. I'm not too thrilled about that because I've heard stories about people getting totally trashed, but eh.

OKAY SO. I need to stop forgetting to post/finish my updates. It's now 1141 pm and I'm back from the party. It was okay. I actually had fun, which surprised me. If you're lucky I'll post details tomorrow because right now I'm so tired. And I have to do laundry tomorrow since something was spilled all over my jeans without my knowing, apparently. They were glowing in the blacklight. >_>


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