Jan. 28th, 2007

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Today was a not productive day. Woke up at 11, did two loads of laundry (that's $4! wtf? D:), did half a homework assignment. That's pretty much it. Went to see "The Departed" at the Commons. Really good movie. Jack Nicholson is a good mobster. And the accents. AUGH, the accents. Everyone sounded so obnoxious but I know they were completely accurate and it makes me sad. ;-; Mommy told me the movie was based on Whitey Bulger, but the ending makes me think otherwise. >_>

Last night was the first rush event for Phi Sigma Pi. I still can't believe I'm trying to join a fraternity. >> It was a joint event with Theta Tau, the "professional" engineering frat. Supposed to be karaoke, but that dissolved rather quickly into a party. Which, by the way, was not affiliated with either frat since they officially declared the event over. But we were all welcome to stay. I found that funny. What's more funny is my RA is the rush coordinator for PSP. So there was drinking and dancing and beer pong. I don't see the appeal of beer pong. Or drinking. They made this stuff called "Stupid Juice" that was apparently a mix of lemonade, beer, and vodka. Tasted like shit. Yes, I tried it. Everyone was all "omg it's really good!" so I stole Michelle's. It was pretty much made of fail. So was Molly's Crown Royal and Diet Coke. Yay, now I have a better reason than "i dun wanna!11!" not to drink: I just don't like it.

Umyeah. I'm rly sleepy. And I'm mad. I took Tylenol PM last night and I definitely woke up four or five times anyway. I've been waking up at obscene times during the night for no reason. I fall asleep again really quickly, but I don't know why I can't just sleep through the night, especially when I'm dead tired. Whatever, I'mma go to bed now. Toodles.


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