Jan. 30th, 2007

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Augh. I was pretty productive earlier today and now I don't feel like doing anything. I have Chem lab in two hours too.

People make me laugh. For French we have to learn a scene from the French version of "3 Men and a Baby" and do it in class tomorrow. I sent a mass email to my class yesterday at 2 asking if anyone wanted to work together and got no response til midnight. Today I've gotten mass emails from 4 different people asking if people still needed partners. Either they're completely retarded or... well yeah no there's no other option. I have my partner so I don't really care. And tomorrow after class we get to watch a movie that I saw three years ago. I'm tempted to skip it, but if she asks specific questions I know I won't be able to remember it. Bah.

Women's Studies is an entirely different situation. One would assume that when signing up for a class people would know what they're getting themselves into. But no. People keep bitching about being offended and how she overanalyzes everything and likes to argue and blah blah blah. Um, hi, think about the class you're taking. I think they just refuse to think about how historically society has been dominated by men and that whether or not it's obvious by now, a lot of things are/were created to oppress women. ><" I really just want to kill some people. Especially this one girl who sits in the front (who also happens to be in the group I've been assigned to) who wants to counter EVERYTHING with her personal experiences. No. Just, no.

Aaaaaand yeah, I was gona bitch more but Molly's back which means it's time for food and chem. bai.


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