Jan. 31st, 2007

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So liiiiike... kinda nervous right now. Tonight was Phi Sigma Pi's Pasta & Pictionary night. We didn't have actual Pictionary, so the teams just picked words for each other. I fucking lucked out when I got up to draw. They'd picked the word first and asked who was going, so I was like "yeah, whatever." What'd I get? Monty Python and the Holy Grail. What did I draw? A coconut. One coconut. I was a little distressed because first they guessed bowling ball, but then Jet figured it out. Am I too predictable? xD What's funnier is that Molly and Mary Beth were on the other team and Molly went, "You can't give that to HER!" because she knew I'd be able to do it. :3

Anyway... yeah. Tomorrow's the last rush event but it's by invite only. Which means we think we're supposed to be waiting for phone calls tonight telling us whether or not we can come, which is essentially whether or not we have the opportunity to join. They don't do pledge interviews, so pretty much if we make it past tomorrow all we have to do is go to weekly meetings and meet the requirements and we're in, if I understand it right. I know it's a lot less complicated than what Molly told us about Theta Tau. Soyeah. Haven't heard anything yet and the event ended almost two hours ago. I don't know if they're supposed to be emailing us or calling us, or even if they're telling us tonight as opposed to tomorrow. I could have gone to bed at 9 when we got back, but I didn't think I should. I'm afraid of falling asleep and missing a call. ;-;

Speaking of which, I think my cell battery is fucked up. It's not holding a charge for nearly as long as it used to. I wonder if using Stacey's charger did anything to it?

>_> For my Women's Studies class, I have interview a woman who's older than 60. Problem. I don't know anyone that old here, and I can't call either of my grandmothers. Bah. BAH. I have to talk to my teacher tomorrow to see if she can give me an idea or something.

For French today we had to learn a scene from the French version of 3 Men and a Baby and do it for the class. My partner and I practiced for like 45 minutes and flipped out about it, but I think we did well. Well, I think I did well; her pronounciation was so far off, even though I corrected her a bunch of times. >_>; Blah blah... now we have to post on Blackboard comparing the treatment of the baby in the French and English versions of the movies. Except I've never seen the American version, so I have to wait and see what other people post, I guess? But it has to be done by 10am Friday. >_> Bahness.

OKAY FUCK. An hour later I find out they're not voting tonight and we probably won't be hearing until tomorrow? Bah. BAH I TELL YOU.


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