Feb. 1st, 2007

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Fwee! I got my phone call from PSP. Which means that my day is rushed now. I have to go to an hour-long seminar thing from 2-3, Mass Comm from 330-515, then get ready (dressed nicely D:) for the dinner from 7-9 in the Commons. Which means I have to find something to wear, and I have to shower, and I maybe have to fuck with makeup? Blargh. I think I know what I can wear though; luckily dress pants are fine.

Funny thing is, I skipped math today because I figured I needed to be productive and had a bunch of shit to do. I've gotten nothing done. Went to get food, which I guess counts since I wouldn't have time for it til the dinner @ 7 otherwise. Although I did get my phone call when I should have been in math, so I guess it worked out. Of course my phone was still on silent so they had to leave a message. >_> Jet and Mary Beth are in class for another 15 minutes, so we don't know about them, but Michelle and Molly got calls too. There's no reason for the others not to. And this doesn't mean we're in, but it's a good indication, I think. If you didn't get an invite you're definitely not it. It will be fun to go and see who else is there. :3

There's a severe weather advisory in effect til 7 am tomorrow because of snow/ice/whatever, and all day we were supposed to get a "wintry mix" of crap. It JUST NOW started flurrying. >> I really hope it picks up and we magically get a white out so my Mass Comm class gets cancelled. Bah.

Okay, need to collect shit for class and whatnot now. Toodles.
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I need to stop putting my cell phone next to my mouse. I keep swearing over the "mouse" not working when I move it.


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