Feb. 14th, 2007

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I feel like changing my clock to 24 hour time, just so it will say "13:37" at some point.
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My teacher is sick right now, but ARGH. Of course it has to be my language class which we can do in the computer lab talking over the internets. Any other teacher would just cancel class. Suckage. D: I am angered. And we got no snow either.
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Kitty sad. I was going to dye my hair again today after I showered, but I forgot not to use conditioner. =( So I'm thinking I'll do it between Women's Studies and Math tomorrow.

I have a Happy Feet tattoo on my boob. :B Michelle gave us valentine's with them. And as I'm wearing a tank top right now, I figured, "Why not?"

I haven't done a substansial amount of homework since sometime last week. I haven't had anything due the next day, so I'm like "Eh, I can leave it til later." Which I really can't afford to do, but eh. I tried doing my Chem lab report last night after we got back from lab, but apparently my answers are wrong. Boo on that.

Boo also on Friday. I'm going out with my Big Brother and Twin from PSP, which should be fun of course, but... meh, it's Friday lol. Whatever.

Bwahaha. I just decided that tomorrow I'll dye my hair all purple. That will be sure to fade by spring break. When I come back I'll dye it bluegreen again. Or pink. I really want to do pink. Maybe pink first, then blue when it fades. I am a geek but I love it.

Yeah... I'm done rambling now. I need to tidy up my room and get some homework done. I know I'm not going to be in the mood to do it after dinner tonight, so bah.

Oh, and about the song- I have 1288 songs on shuffle. It's random, I SWEAR. XD Despite the fact that I've been saying "Happy " to people all day.


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