Feb. 15th, 2007

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wtf? L's voice actor is the same guy who did Ryuuichi from Gravitation. liekwhoa.
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Keya called me today to tell me a seat opened up in that class I wanted to get into. So I looked, it was still open, I added it to my schedule. Check my bill... all of a sudden my tuition goes up $331.50? So I flip out. After much bitching, Mommy calls the accounting office for me (I had to get ready for class, meh) and then calls me back- that $300+ was the fucking overload fee because I had 18.5 credits. Overload fees are supposed to be charged on a per-credit basis. So people who take 21 credits pay fucking $1k extra? Bullshit. I can go to BHCC and pay only $300 for a full 3-credit class!

My hair is purple. Or some of it is purple. I realized halfway through that I couldn't see the back so I have no idea what it looks like. XD

I got a 94 on my math exam last week. I'm so happy! :3 Plus I did extra credit, and now I get 2 points added to my final average. :3

Ugggggh. 12 hours from now I'll have my Chem exam back. Not too thrilled about that one. I should go study for my quiz now. u.u

Going out tomorrow with my Big and then Saturday is a basketball game. Woot!
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Oh yays. It won't just be me and my big and my twin tomorrow night. :3 Jet, her twin, and her big are going (our bigs are engaged and attached at the hip) and Andrew and his little are going. Fwee!


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