Feb. 16th, 2007

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>_> What good is a nap when you're waking up every ten minutes to look at the clock and make sure you haven't missed class? And what good is THAT when your class is cancelled because the thing that supports the online classroom thing is broked? Augh. Oh wells. More time to shower and fix my hair color.

I got a 70 on that Chem exam I thought I bombed. Yay for partial credit. But boo for me trying to turn ln(P2/P1) into (ln P2)/(ln P1) because it is NOT the same thing. Had I caught that I could have done better. *pout* But whatever, this won't destroy my average as much as a 40 would have.

Meh, my French teacher sent out an email about the thing being broked, but the email was for her Lit class right before ours. I wonder if she realizes that. Either way, the thing's not working and I'm going to shower. >>
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So it's 6 o'clock and it just occurred to me I haven't eaten anything all day. Surprising. Dinner's at 730 anyway; going to Friendly's wiff PSP peoples.

I also haven't done anything productive all day. Cleaned a little bit, but that doesn't count when I have a crapload of homework to do. Started trying to transcribe my interview with the old lady, but augh. She interrupted herself a lot and changed ideas mid-sentence, which makes it difficult. As does the fact that the tape recorder was slightly too far away, and I have to listen hard to pick up on what she said. This is going to be a bitch. Once I've done this, writing the paper shouldn't be all that hard though. That's due in like a week and a half, ew.

I'll be spending most of this weekend sleeping and homeworking. Sleeping because I went to bed really late all this week, and homeworking because I hardly did anything this week. Augh.

My hair came out better the second time around. I got dye all over my hands and some on my face too because I was less careful, but eh. It'll go away. I want my purple eyeliner now but it's in Jet's room and she won't answer the door. >_>


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