Feb. 24th, 2007

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I went to a Messianic Jewish service today. It was cool. Stacey did part of the service so we went to see her. I may write more later on it, not sure. It was definitely awesome though because they had contemporary music, two amazing singers, traditional Jewish dances that people just went up there and did, and it was so much less formal and stuffy than the Catholic Masses I've been to all my life. So yay. Was kinda bummed that I had to go today though, because I got a solid 8 hours of sleep and definitely could have gone for at least two more. ;-; Oh wells. Stacey was so happy we went, so it was worth it. Only about a half hour walk too, even though it was 1.5-2 miles.

Mommy got me a ribbon that says "I'm 3 today!" and some Pocky and sent it down yesterday. I'mma wear it on my birthday. And hide the Pocky from everyone, lol. Too bad I only have two classes on Wednesday. x3

So this is me procrastinating once again. I've got 3/4 of a page of my Women's Studies paper done. Have yet to finish all the readings that we're supposed to be able to incorporate into the paper, but I figure if I can finish the bulk of it now, reading things and inserting them into the paper later won't be a problem. Of course, I have no idea when it's due. The schedule says this Tuesday and Thursday, but I remember her saying we'd draw numbers to see who was going what day. Of course this past Thursday was the one time I got to class late, and I walked in right when they finished talking about it. Did I think to ask anyone? No. Whatever, I'll get the thing done for Tuesday and if it's not due then, great. It will still be one less thing to worry about.

Had a Mass Comm exam on Thursday. 25 multiple choice & true/false questions to cover 7 chapters. Wtf? I was done in ten minutes, and that was only because I checked it twice thinking it was too easy. Grades are up now, and I got a 23 out of 20 possible points? Wtf??? Left an anonymous post on Blackboard asking wtf that meant, since I'm too impatient to wait til Thursday when it will probably be explained. Srsly, that's ridiculous. LOLZ. I just looked at the syllabus again, and that was our fucking midterm. The only other exam is the final. We have a retardedly easy research project to do as well, but that shouldn't be a problem. Oh Jesus. I wish all my gen eds would be crazy simple like this and CRJS.

Okay, it's 4:10 now. I want to have at least a page and a half of my paper done by 5. Kthxbai.

EDIT: 2 hours after I post that question on Blackboard my teacher sends out an email saying our grades are out of 25, but worth 20% of our grade, hence the 20 points possible. Whatever, I still win. I have a 94 average in the class. AAAAAand I win more because I definitely did get halfway done with my paper by 5. ^o^


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