Mar. 3rd, 2007

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Today was the CAA quarter finals. We played Georgia State and their band definitely had a washboard and a cowbell. So of course our band started chanting "Needs more cowbell!" and it was funny. And we won, yay. Dun think I'm going to the semifinal game tomorrow. I have far too much to do, plsu it's too close to our PSP meeting and I duno if we could make it back in time. That, and I have a killer migrane right now from today's game. >> I took extra strength tylenol but after two hours it's not helping. I'm definitely stealing Excedrin from Jet if it doesn't get better by 7. I was supposed to hang out with Rose and Annastasia tonight and watch a movie but that's not happening now. Either I'll still have a headache or still have homework to do, or both, and I won't be good company. I wouldn't really care except I have a French exam due on Blackboard by tomorrow night, a PSP quiz tomorrow night, and 4 other exams this week, plus cleaning and packing and such before break. UGH. Now I'mma go try to do that French thing now so at least that will be done. Then maybe I can get dinner and pass out early tonight.
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Fuck fire alarms.

That is all.
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If you're going to randomly IM someone, why would you not identify yourself? D< Srsly.

[23:44] HammyHamsterz: Yohs. Dx
[23:44] *** Auto-response sent to HammyHamsterz: Didn't get to bed as early as I wanted to. Meh, I'll just sleep later. Yay for productivity?
[23:47] SenorKitKat: who are you?
[23:47] HammyHamsterz: No-one.-
[23:47] SenorKitKat: good, then my blocking you won't be a problem

I assume it's someone from Gaia, but I can't be bothered caring if they're going to waste my time like that. I didn't really block them, but I expected a retaliation of some sort. And they definitely IMed me at the beginning of the semester and said nothing but "Hello."

Eff that.


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