Mar. 8th, 2007

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I think I aced my exams today. Math I was mad over because I studied my exam from last semsester, found out where I went wrong on some problems, but didn't ask anyone what the right answer was. And those same exact problems were on the exam. >> Pretty sure I owned it though. Are log and ln interchangeable? If not I got a right answer by accident lol. Women's Studies I think I did well in too. When I started my essay I had like, 45 minutes to finish, so I took my time. Then all of a sudden I had 5 minutes and wasn't done. Oops. I'm glad I picked the one we did. It was on the video "Men, Women, and the Sex Difference" or something, which we watched in AP Psych. Yay for that.

And now I have about 40 minutes to study for Chem. Shite.
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Kay. So imagine you're a waitress. Six people come in and order food. 45 minutes later they're done and ready to go (but you can't be found to give them the check) and 4 people come join them at their table. Do you seriously count them as all one party? >> The girl gave us the check and was like, "Well it says on the front of the menu that we don't split checks for parties of 4 or more." Argh. That was retarded. And Chris's truck got fucking towed and the people wouldn't answer the phone, which is even more retarded. And I have yet to do the bulk of studyage for this exam. UGH.


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