Mar. 9th, 2007

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Strawberry kiwi Naked Juice is really good. And damn trail mix for being mildly expensive but SO GOOD.

So this is me skipping Chemistry and praying my laundry is done in time for me to wear my jeans to class at 12. >> It should be done, and I have less than usual which means everything should actually dry. >> I'm kinda sorta packing now so I won't have to do much later. But ugh. This is when I hate living so far away. If it were within driving distance breaks would not be such a pain. D:

Right. I need to be productive. Argh.

Think I did relatively well on my exam. Banking on getting partial credit for a few problems though.
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So I hate laundry. I had to use the front loading one (which I've never used before) and I go in, and it's done and my clothes are just chilling there and the machine's not doing anything for the entire two minutes that I watch it. So I take my clothes out, and they're sitting in ice cold water. I shut the door and mash the start button, nothing happens. Wait more. Nothing happens. Take my soaking wet clothes out and throw them in the dryer on the other end of the room, soaking the floor in the process. Shut the door to the washer... and it starts working. So right now it's just wooshing water around. Which probably means I've wasted $2 and my clothes will dry all soapy and gross. WTF.
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Three drying cycles and 7 hours of hanging up in my room later, my clothes are still not dry. Not only are they not dry, but they are cold. And I want to kill something. I can't finish packing til they're all dry (or til I at least have dry clothes for 8 days) and I can't get my boarding pass til I've finished packing. Wtf. I have all my other crap ready to be packed but argh. ARGH I say. And uh, all the on campus food places closed at TWO this afternoon. Wtf, we have til noon tomorrow to get out and they're not feeding us?


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