Mar. 11th, 2007

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I am not happy right now. Just, not happy. I want to go back to WG and just chill there for a week. Everything seems to be getting on my nerves.

Yesterday was fine til Mom decided we should hook up the new wireless router we got in December. Took fucking two hours because first my computer wouldn't connect, then the internet in general wouldn't work. So I was beyond pissed at it. Even still, it keeps cutting out now for like, 30 seconds at a time.

Today we went to the Kowloon with most of my father's side of the family. I wanted to kill something. I wound up sitting across from the two most annoying children in the world. So that entire thing wasn't fun. Then we had to go back to my grandparents' house for fucking cake and a mini party, which I said I didn't want. No one understands that I'm well beyond actually caring about parties and such now. With friends it's fine to celebrate, but I really don't care for the 3 hour family ordeals and the "OMG you're getting old so fast and you're so grown up!" Whatever.

Now I'm just in a bad mood in general and everything is bugging me. My house is a mess. By normal standards it may not be a mess, but the fact that my room at school is always clean except for papers being everywhere, my house is a mess. I tried cleaning last night and got yelled at. >>I feel like my room here is a mess but it's really not; the biggest problem is the TV stand in the middle of the room with a million wires because of all Sean's game consoles.

And now my computer as a whole is being retarded.

Break is not going to be relaxing in the least. The only thing I'm looking forward to is Thursday/Friday. Tomorrow I'm going out with Mom and Nanny and I have a lot of shopping to do because the only time I can shop is when I'm home, obviously. Possibly going out with Ferdy after which will be fun so long as I'm not still bitchy. Speaking of which, other people need to start being far less bitchy. So tomorrow I'm shopping and I may wind up doing so Tuesday or Wednesday as well. I need new jeans since my other ones have holes that can't be fixed. I need to find a pinkish shirt to go with the stripes in my pants that I thought were silver, and I need to find a fucking dress for the PSP formal in April. Can I kill myself now? Please?

Oh right, and I have to finish the interview paper for Women's Studies, plus read a biography and write a paper on that as well. And figure out my schedule for the next three years. And kill some puppies or something.


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