Mar. 22nd, 2007

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So 3am seems to be the magic time for me. I've had four papers to write since I started here and three of them were finished at that time. o___O I really don't want to make a habit of that. I like my sleep too much.

Speaking of which, I should be asleep now. All of a sudden I get -really- tired once midnight hits. You'd think I'd learn to go to bed sooner, but no.

Got a 94 on my math midterm and a 93 in Women's Studies. Wewt. Get my chem exam back in 8.5 hours. Oh dear. I really, REALLY don't want anything other than an A in that class. *emo*

So the high for tomorrow is supposed to be 81. WTFNO. DO NOT WANT. Too hot. I wouldn't wear shorts even if I'd shaved recently because I have the dryest skin EVAR. I think it's the building or something, because everyone's been complaining. ><"

I had my window open all day because it was so nice out, and now there are little bugs all over my room (and guts on the wall). And I'm itchy. I duno if they actually -bit- me, or if I just feel like it because I know there were bugs. ><

My schedule next semester is going to rock hard. I'll have 3 or 4 classes with Jet, for one thing. And I won't have many/any classes on Tuesday/Thursday for most of the semester. Fridays I'll have class 9-12 and that's it. Monday and Wednesday I'll have class 9-5 and 9-2, but it will be bearable. I'm excited. I don't think I'll be studying in England at any point, which is a bummer. It's pretty much impossible to manage though. *le sigh*

But I am le tired. *sleep*


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