Apr. 1st, 2007

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So. Haven't done an actual update in a while. ><

Wicked. Was amazing. 5 hour bus ride isn't all that bad. 'Specially when you have a Ferdy to poke. And sing the most annoying song in the world to/with. We were definitely retarded at one point. So we're riding around NYC in the bus and we see street signs, and yeah all the streets are numbered. So we're like "OMG I wonder if we'll be anywhere near 14th street!! But how will we know?" ("They say that I have the best ass below 14th street..." -Light My Candle/RENT) Took a few minutes before we realized "WELL. The theatre's on 51st street and the bus station's on 41st street. HMMMMM." xD And yeah, because we're geeks like that, we wanted to take a picture of the sign for 14th street. But we weren't about to walk 30 blocks to do so. We could have done it easily, but it was dark out, which meant no. Wound up eating dinner at Papa John's because all the foodthings were either fast food or bar/restaurant deals. Didn't have time for the latter because the bus got into the station after 6 and we wouldn't have had time. ><

The show was incredible. We were 6 rows from the stage. Off to the left of it, but you could still see all the people and action and such. The only thing I wish was different is that having listened to the soundtrack for like, 11 months, in my head I kept comparing the live performance to the CD, which sucked. Because the people were incredible and I would have fallen more deeply in love if I were hearing it for the first time. But yeah. Amazing. Wonderful. (lolz) And we got Starbucks after. xD

At some point I'll make an entry about book vs show, but I'm too lazy to lj-cut spoilers riht now. >>

What else has happened recently? Ummm... PSP initiate retreat was fun but kinda disappointing. And people got on each other's nerves, but that's to be expected when you've got like, 30+ people together. So whatever. My mom keeps harping on it but I'm over it, so that kind of annoys me. Basically that started my shitty week last week. I was annoyed over the retreat but got over it fairly quickly. From there little things just kept adding up and annoying me, and I had that stupid paper due. Which I have yet to revise, actually. Not that I think I can do much to it though. But everytime I called my mom and told her about something, she'd get all "Awww, I'm sorry. This just isn't your week." And arghness.

French film festival was obnoxious and a pain but it was interesting. I just have to remember never to take French in the spring again. >< I saw 5 movies and have a 6th on my computer, so whatever. Yesterday Jet, Mary Beth, and I saw one, went to lunch, Mary Beth left, Andrew came, we met 3 other people, and we all got ice cream after. That was fun.

I haven't done anything productive since that damn paper. I should get on that.

Today was our initiate class social/cultural event. It was fun. We went to a park, had a cookout, screwed around. Pictures to come later. We had a pinata. That was a penis. Guess whose idea that was? =D It was awesome. And had blue balls. And the jokes pretty much didn't end.

We have out national exam for PSP in two weeks. I should start studying xD. Not too worried though. Induction's the 22nd and the formal is the 28th. And Jesus, it's already April? l6 weeks of school left, including finals. Jesus, my freshman year of college is almost over? Does all of life keep speeding up as you get older?

Agh, I don't want to get into any philosophical deep thinking crap at the moment. I'mma do a little homework and go to bed.

Where's my PS2?


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