Apr. 4th, 2007

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I love my friends and I love talking about random shit but I hate that it always seems to happen when I have homework to do. >< I was going to maybe watch a two hour French movie, but Michelle, Jet, Andrew, Phil, and I wound up screwing around for an hour and a half. >< So no to that. And I love that my French teacher had all effing weekend to email us and put the discussion boards on Blackboard, but no, she waits til 3 this afternoon. At which point I had no time to do it because I'd already planned my day. And now I have to do it. And I will be the only one -to- do it because no one else -ever- does the online homework. And we probably won't wind up talking about it in class anyway, as usual. But I will do it anyway because I can't not do homework. ><

So now I am torn. I've made it my policy not to shower til after Chem (around 11) MWF because they have yet to turn on the AC in the building where my class is and I always leave disgusting. HOWEVER. I would be showering in the 45 minutes I have between Chem and French. So my choice is A) don't shower and just do the homework in that 45 minutes and be gross for longer, B) stay up now and be dead while I do the homework, and shower when I planned, or C) just not do the homework. ><
Luckiily I printed the questions and wrote notes for them during my Chem lab, but ugh. All of a sudden I don't think I'm conscious enough to type anything coherent, much less in French.

...kay. Bringing the questions with me to Chem and writing them out then. Will type them up and post after class, then speed shower. Then probably run to French and get gross again. Fuck Richmond and its fucking 80 degree weather. D:
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Is it possible to be bored in a good way?

Like, not "rawrrrrrrrr wtf i'm so bored kill me nowwwwww" but kind of... yeah I duno. I think it's more a case of ADD then boredom. I'm happy but I don't want to do anything.

I'mma go do math homework xD

Mommy's coming here a week from tomorrow. :3


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