Apr. 10th, 2007

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Mmmm, slightly annoyed right now. Annastasia's supposed to be coming over because she wanted to work on our paddles together. I said I was free today from 2-6. It's almost 430 and I've not heard from her. Yes, I gave her a rather large window, but augh. I was kind of expecting her to get here earlier, or at least tell me when she was coming. If I get a phone call at like, 530, saying she's downstairs, I will then be highly annoyed.

My mass comm project is moving along but still not done. Jon hasn't sent me his part yet so I kinda feel like I don't need to work on mine. >< 2-3 paragraph summaries of two websites will be easy for me to write up though. I'm using wikipedia, screw it. It's the most informative article I've found anyway. >< When doing a project on technology where the professor wants -websites- as sources, you're not going to find much more than product reviews. And seriously? There won't be many scholarly journal articles written on mp3 players.

I kinda wish Mommy were coming down some other time. My Women's Studies class on Thursday and French class on Friday are both cancelled and I'd love to have that time to myself. At the same time, I guess it's good that she's coming this weekend, because that means I have more time Thursday to clean/organize/whatever or work on my project (whichever isn't done tomorrow) before she comes, and Friday we have more time to do whatever (probably go to Carytown) and I don't have to feel bad about missing class. I wish I could skip math on Thursday to be here when she comes, but a) I think I've missed too many classes already, and b) we're doing trig identities and crap now, which I didn't do last semester and didn't do well in in Algebra 2 (mostly because it was the end of the year and I stopped caring). So I can't really miss it. :(

Yay, last Chem Lab tonight. Exam & checkout next week, and final the week after. Hopefully I won't have to take it, but for that to happen I can only get one wrong on next week's exam. Which I could pull off, but I'm not counting on it.

...I should probably get back to doing something productive. Anything, really.
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Ah, Facebook. The news feed just told me Annastasia updated her profile at 5:23 pm. Yes, I am highly annoyed at this point.
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On top of Annastasia not coming (which I wasn't really looking forward to anyway because I have this project to work on ><) and not getting in contact with me, Jon has yet to send me anything for the project, which he's been saying he'd do since last Thursday. And then in chem lab, we were reacting things to determine the cations in an unknown solution. I didn't have either of the last two cations in my unknown but I had to stay there and finish out the reactions with the known solution. Rawr. That was just stupid. So... I half-assed it. Whee. But that was kinda retarded.

Argh. Now the choice: do I go to bed now, or work---

12:01 AM - Never mind about the working on the project thing. Andrew came in at 11, then Phil came in, then all work ceased.

And now, bed.


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