Apr. 11th, 2007

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Ah, Richmond.

So I'm sitting here working on my project when I hear yelling outside. Listen for a minute, turn off the music... wait, that's not just yelling. That's screaming. Panicked screaming. Wut? Run down the hall, crap! Can't see anything from the window on Laurel. Run down to D wing with Michelle. Hoshit! Mass exodus of people from Hyperlink, the club on the next block. Everyone's moving away from us, down West Grace. 9 cruisers, most of them Richmond. One fire truck. Ambulance pulling up. Nothing's really happening aside from the people moving around and more cruisers. Andrew, Jet, Stacey, and Mary Beth are coming back to WG. They look up and wave to us. Apparently people were looking out of the windows on all the floors. Things look like they're winding down and- wait a minute. Shit, that's a fight! They're fighting in the Pizza Hut parking lot. Guy's getting his ass beat. Now they're in the street. One guy takes off down West Grace, east, toward us. Andrew runs down to A wing to watch, Stacey and I follow, just in time to see one cop run down Pine and a cruiser speed down Belvidere. Run back to the window, nothing major happens. Sadness. Few minutes later we notice someone on the ground in the Pizza Hut parking lot, surrounded by some guys. Cops break it up, take the woman away in cuffs.

So ends the interesting stuff. I heard sirens right after I came back to my room, which is interesting because all the cruisers had just about left. Oh ho.

And now I've lost another hour of work. Thank god Women's Studies is cancelled. ^^; The 10pm news doesn't have anything. I don't think the 11pm will either; there were no copters and no news crews. ;-;

In other news, Mommy will have boarded her plane 12 hours from now. XD

EDIT: Forgot to mention that the room I'll be in next year... has a bullet dent in the window. =D Not from tonight though. xD It's been there since last year.


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