May. 1st, 2007

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Kekeke. New icon ftw. My friend has the best collection of icons.

Yeah. Women's Studies exam? Not an exam. Choice of two out of ten essay questions, totalling 6-10 pages together. Which really isn't all that bad. That's 3-5 pages each. The one I wrote during the midterm would probably be 2-3 pages had I typed it, and I wrote that in half an hour. I plan on heading down to the computer lab tomorrow and trying to get them done. They're due in her office by 5pm Friday, which gives me time. If I can at least get a chunk of them done tomorrow, I can spend Thursday studying for my Chem exam and finish the essays after the exam on Friday. Not that I'll be in the mood to after failing the exam, but eh.

I'm a lot more laid back than I should be. >> Oi. And I should probably get something done tonight, but... yeah. In high school there was a definite end to classes and exams and such. In college... not so much. I should be excited that all my classes are done, but I don't feel like they're done. >> Tomorrow's a reading day though, so I get to sleep. WHEE. I need sleep. I think I'm allergic to something in Virginia. Oi.

Everyone's going to Belle Isle tomorrow. Lots of PSP people, anyway. But probably everyone who goes to school in Richmond and their mother will be there. I feel like I should go since I've never been, but it's going to be hot and gross, I don't want to spend half an hour walking there, and I really don't want to be stuck waiting around for someone else to want to leave before I can come back. That, and I REALLY need to get my paper/s done so I can study for Chem. ><"

I may possibly do something productive now. Maybe.


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