May. 3rd, 2007

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I seriously think I'm going to cry. I know almost nothing that's on my chem exam tomorrow. Almost. Nothing. If I magically pull a 70 on it, I'll wind up with a 73 average. Anything lower just means I'm fucked. If I get a C in this class, I am dead. My GPA will be shot and I will have absolutely no room to fuck up over the next two semesters; I'm taking Organic Chemistry next semester, which pretty much means you have to fuck up.

And yeah... still have yet to finish my fucking WMNS paper either. SO. FUCKED.
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Pretty sure I'm more fucked now than I was before. Looked at my notes/quizzes/tests for chem and feel okay about it. All semester I've told myself I could get a 90 on this exam and boost my grade into the 80s, which would hopefully become a 90 when curved. But I've given up on that. A high 70 or low 80 will get me a B. I've gotten 70s on the other exams, so I think that's actually reasonable. I have one or two more things to look over before I stop studying.

But yeah. Went from almost crying (literally. >> wtf?) to feeling good about it to worrying about feeling good about it, to being okay with it again, and now back to "omgwtfno."

Lesigh. I'mma go find out how to work solubility constants and then work on my paper. >>

Sleep? What's that?


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