May. 26th, 2007

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So it's 12:34 am (xD!) and... I'm tired, but probably won't fall asleep. My new AC is sitting in the trunk of mom's car. Because I'm lazy, mostly. SO yeah. It's hot and gross out still.

Saw PotC today. Was planning on not seeing it til next week with P3ffy, but my mom was all "It's 90 degrees out and you're getting out of the house, rawr!" >>; Twas interesting. Looking forward to seeing it again.

Spoiler: Snape kills Dumbledore Jack Sparrow.

Yeah. Will probably rant about it after seeing it the second time. Will was amazingly hot at the very end. Not gona lie. /shameless & shallow. And at one point, Elizabeth says "This is madness!" Definitely wanted to yell "This is SPARTA!" right there. But the theater was only half full, and it was all old people. ;-; Last year I went to see the second movie with Ferdy the day it came out, but we went at night and it was packed and full of people our age. A setting like that would have been much more appropriate, and I probably wouldn't have been alone. Andrew said he did it when he went with Krissy, Natalie, and another friend. Totally believe it, and I'm jealous.


Applied to CVS the other day, because it was an online app. Have yet to go out and get applications from anywhere else. Will call CVS Monday, probably, to see how that went. I'm willing to work whatever hours I can get, seeing as I have no other responsibilities (like school in the morning) and I need the money. If I magically get offered two jobs, I'll take both if I can make it work. I'm going back to Richmond for a weekend in June for my big's wedding, which means I need to get plane tickets, and a gift, and a dress, and blah. And of course I have to buy new shit for school, and books. And I just need money anyway. I'm going to have to get a job at school, I think, despite the harshness of the classes I'm taking.

So lately I've been going to bed between 2 and 3 in the morning. Will wake up between 5 and 7 for no reason. Wake up at 9 when the alarm goes off, be fully awake and not tired, stay in bed for 5 minutes because I'm comfy... and then suddenly it's after 12. wtfno, not the way I wanted to spend my summer. It's scary to think 2 weeks have gone by already. >>

I forget what else I was going to rant about. Gonna go watch an episode of Death Note before I go to bed.


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