May. 29th, 2007

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So at some point I need to do an icon overhaul. While most people have icons to match moods or whatever, I have a bunch of pointless ones that I thought were funny. Some of which I made myself. >> Yeah. Have no ideas for icons, but I'm gona find and dl brushes for Photoshop eventually.

Job hunting is... eh. I freaking forgot that most places do applications online now, and could have been doing them for the past two weeks. I was waiting for a day when I could steal Mom's car and drive around to pick up paper apps. Now I feel stupid. So far I've done Home Depot because supposedly they pay very well (sent the app to two stores), CVS, and Staples here in Medford. Tomorrow I'll redo the Staples app for Somerville. I considered the Outback, but that involves training, and I'm not too sure that I'm old enough to sell alcohol. Have to look at the websites of a bunch of other places before driving around again. There are some that I do need to get paper apps from, but I may as well do them all at once.

It's funny. I pretty much walked right into Stop & Shop when I applied there, and I realize now that's because they seem to be hiring all the time (no surprise if you know how it's run). A.C. Moore I didn't have a problem with either, but they were a opening new store. Somehow this led me to believe that I'd have no trouble finding a job, ever. Even Target got back to me in a short time. (Pity.) Now of course I realize it doesn't matter how special I think I am; it depends on whether or not businesses are hiring, and how flexible I am with hours and whatever. My schedules at both previous jobs were pretty decent, so when I applied for jobs in Richmond I was all, "Well, I don't want to go to work right after class, and I don't want to work at night, so... I'll just severely limit my availability." And that doesn't fly in the real world.

What bugs me is that every place I've applied to requires a freaking drug test. CVS I guess I understand. But ugh. So much for dignity.

I do need to get at least one job soon though. And work at school as well, unless I magically win the lottery (which won't happen, seeing as I don't play it). After buying my plane tickets, I'll have like $300 to my name. And will still have to buy a dress for the wedding, as well as a gift. Have to ask Mom's advice on how much is acceptable to give, but they're registered on Target and asking for a lot of small things; I figure I'll just get a whole bunch of the cheap things. Maybe. >> So yeah. Money = gone. Thank God Nanny decided she was paying for my math class at BHCC. I'd be royally fucked otherwise. shit, I think I still am. I'll probably need a book for it. Fuck fuck fuck.

Lurking on Facebook reminded me that I never posted pics from formal. I'll have to do that eventually.

I found two active torrents of episodes 1-200 of Sailor Moon. *-* Unfortunately, they're both 37 gigs. Which would leave me with ~10 GB of free space and one very unhappy computer. And internets as slow as fuck. ;-;

There's a bowl sitting next to me that desperately needs to go down to the kitchen. Eww.

I've found that once midnight hits I become exhausted, but lack all motivtation to go to bed. So I'll sit here til 2 or later doing nothing. >> Like now. Though I am talking on AIM. If that counts.

Somehow wound up on deviantArt today, so I looked quickly at the list of 200+ --


-- subscription submission things, and noticed fanart for a fanfic, and of course had to read said fic... and now I want to read moar. Lots moar fics. And write, even though I know my writing sucks. I've been thinking about completely overhauling a fic I'd abandoned though. Who knows? >>

Recommend fics for me to read plz? Harry Potter or anime. Or KH if it's well-written.


Sleep nao. Bai.


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