Jun. 2nd, 2007

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Kekeke. Got myself an A in French. Took her two weeks to get back to me. The way she explained it is that there were more points than had been posted on Blackboard and my grade really was a B. The stupid Linguafolio didn't even count toward the grades because she didn't check them before Blackboard went down for a week of maintenance. However, because I did do the Linguafolio, she'll add the points for it to my grade, and that will give me an A in the class. Sweet. At one point I was thinking I would try to take future French classes with her because she's very laidback and whatever, but I think I'm better off taking my chances with someone else. >>

Went to see Pirates with P3ffy. Funfun. Will talk about that later, probably in another post.

Went to Bath & Body Works Thursday night. Was going to try to get the application in today, but couldn't. Well, didn't. Combination of things. Going to go today and try to hand it directly to a manager to see if that will speed things up. The girl I talked to the other night said they're hiring a regular "sales associate" and someone for "lead sales" or sales lead or something. She said it's "kinda like a manager." You have to open and close the store, it's more hours and better pay than a regular job there... and that's all I got out of it. So now I've decided I want to work there. >> Argh. If I don't hear from anywhere by Monday, I'll be making a number of phone calls.

Also on Monday, I get to go shopping. Nanny decided I need to buy new shorts. >> And I need a dress for the wedding. And I need to go to BHCC and get the book for my math class. The ISBN isn't listed in the syllabus and the info given isn't enough to find the right book. So I need to check that out. Ick. Ick, I say.

...and I just lost all interest in posting. Which is cool, since it's 140am and all.


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