Jun. 12th, 2007

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So this weekend.


Friday night I took part in my first drinking game. And pretty much my first drinking of alcohol. Andrew had a bottle of mango Parrot Bay (it smells really good), and he and Jet bought pineapple juice, Sierra Mist, and apple juice. So I had Sierra Mist + apple juice + what was probably a shot or shot and a half of Parrot Bay. Tasted like sparkling cider. We (Andrew, Jet, Molly, Mary Beth, Shannon, and I) decided to watch the 5-hour long A&E Pride & Prejudice miniseries (watch it!) and drink whenever someone said "Mr. Darcy." Which got really funny in the scene after the first ball when Bingley & co are talking. 'Bout 8 "Mr. Darcy"s in the span of two minutes. So it was fun, and the drinks were good, but I'm still not a fan of drinking. Doesn't do much for me. *shrug* Did get a headache going to bed, but looking back, that could have been from being tired; I usually get headaches now when I'm up past 1am. x3 (not that it stops me from staying up late.)

I just spit water all over my desk because I'm skilled like that.

Saturday was great. Slept til 1130ish. Went to RiteAid with Shannon and Mary Beth. Then went to Tropical Smoothie (<3) and Target, where I bought cute earrings and a necklace for the wedding. We spent the next 3ish hours slowly getting ready, at one point wandering around with all our makeup done, but in underwarez and/or PJs, eating leftover mac & cheese and watching "What Lies Beneath." Wedding was great. The ceremony lasted 10 minutes, max. It was still beautiful though. DJ at the reception didn't play the electric slide. ;-; Andrew and Krissy's boyfriend were talking about their Pokemanz. >B

Sunday was by far the best. Mary Beth, Stacey, Jet, Molly, Andrew, Michelle, Emily and I went to the beach!! We stopped by Michelle's house, where her mom had a whole bunch of foods for us. We made sammiches and got pasta salad that was really really really good. We hit the beach, wound up not meeting Shannon, Natalie, and their friend. But it was all good. Ate lunch, went in the freaking ocean. Which was only slightly warmer than it is up here. YES, I realize it's all the same ocean, but seeing as the climate is warmer down there, I expected the water to be. There were crazyhuge waves though. Spent more time trying to get past them than anything else, and got my fair share of mouth/nosefuls of water. Mmm, delicious. It was at this point that all the sunscreen I'd put on must have washed away, and I didn't reapply it for a while. FAIL. Anyway. SANDCASTLE. Mary Beth decided she wanted to make a sand castle, so Jet, Michelle, and I helped. It was great. When it was just a pile of sand with a moat, some little kid walked by and went "looks great." xD Then yeah. Built towers and stuff. And then HOLYSHITHIGHTIDE! Heh, oops. Rushed to finish the thing, wrote phi sigma pi on it, and raced the fuck around to dig more moats and divert the waves that were coming up. Worked for a while. Really well. Then it all fucking crashed xD Which was still amazing. And then the water was getting way too close to our stuff, so we grabbed it all and sat against the fence by the sane dunes. Throughout the whole "zomg water?!2111!1!??" thing, Andrew was filming with Mary Beth's video camera. There were "I has a bucket" jokes, and quotes from 300, and Andrew being a dork and narrating, and fun. Spent the rest of the day pretty much chilling. Sand crabs came out of nowhere- literally- and at the first one I jumped around yelling "Jack Sparrow's coming!" ...yeah. Dork. Apparently I fell asleep for a short time, because all of a sudden (after much screwing around and blah), Jet was kicking me awake and there was pretty much no one left on the beach. Went to Friendly's, where everyone realized just how burned they were. Which was pretty burned. Jet had it worst, I think. I didn't think I had too much of a problem til all of a sudden my bra was really freaking irritating me. Went to the bathroom, pulled up my shirt and looked at my back. Nice big red horseshoe shaped sunburn. I suck. Still doesn't hurt though. Just gets itchy when my shirt rubs against it.

So yeah. Definitely one of the best weekends ever. My friends are made of win.

Pictures to be posted somewhere eventually, once I find the cord for the camera.
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Black Cat anime fails. Hard. Yet I feel like I need to watch the other 20 episodes since I spent so much time downloading them. Should catch up on Death Note as well, since I have 3 on my computer and the next two or three should be up by now. >> Bleach 1-50 is 58% done, yey. I should get an external HD for anime at some point. But I could also just burn it all to DVDs and be able to watch them anyway, which makes a little more sense. Oh wells.

Not like I didn't know this before, but I definitely want to lose weight. My face looks really fat when I smile in pictures. >> And I could deal with tightening up muscles and such. What sucks is that my boobs will probably not get smaller. =( Fail. Well, not significantly smaller at least. Twould be great if they magically shrank to like, a C. OHyes.

Umm... ADD has kicked in and I'm sleepy. Gnight.


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