Jun. 13th, 2007

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D: There's a blood drive in Medford Square on Friday, but there are no appointments left. Fail. Next one that's close is in Charlestown next weekend. Oh wells. I'll make an appointment for that one, and then I'll be eligible to donate again as soon as I get back to school. Whee.

More whee: I'm most likely spending Thanksgiving break with Jet! Yay! In return, she's coming up here for spring break and we're going to see Avenue Q! >3 Made. Of. Win. I just need to pay attention to catch tickets as soon as they go on sale. I wants to sit up front, kthx.

Ooooh. At the Colonial theatre and the Opera House, they have student rush tickets. $25 cash for a show, excluding Saturday nights, with a valid student ID. I wonder if anything interesting is playing over the summer. >3 Probably shit seats, but hey.

I wish VCU weren't so retarded when it comes to communication. >> I may have already bitched about this, but the week of finals theyhad signs up all over the dorms saying to email this lady to get an application to be a "VCU greeter" during move-in weekend; essentially all you do is direct people to their dorm, help them move stuff in, sit there and guard their stuff if they have a lot, etc. So I emailed her when I got home, and she's all, "No, we're not sending them over email, you have to come to a meeting about it and get one there. We'll email you when there's a meeting coming up." Yeah. Lies. Stacey emailed her about it (she did it last year too) and found out there was a meeting the day we moved out. >> Michelle emailed her later and asked if there was any way she could do it without going to a meeting because she doesn't live near Richmond, and I guess the lady gave her attitude about it. >> I really only want to do this because you get paid for it and you get to move in a week early (so I'd be going in probably the 11-12th instead of 18th-19th).

And four hours later, I come back to this post and forget what I was talking about. Oh wells.

Uggggh I hate this whole job-hunting thing. Hate hate hate. Mom keeps pushing for me to reapply to Shop & Shop. Woot, blow to my ego. Well... I duno, maybe not. I really don't want to work there though. It was fun when I first started there, and then people switched in and out and it started sucking. That's the excuse I gave Nancy when I quit (leaving out that she was a major contributor of the suckage, of course). And it's definitely true. And when I walk in there now it makes me mad and frustrated because you can see how much it sucks. But if I were to go back, it would only be for two months (and possibly Christmas, according to Mom). So, 8-9 weeks for probably only 15-20 hours a week? I suppose that would be bareable. 'Course, the big problem would be whether I start at minimum wage again, or the $8.75 I left at, or somewhere in between. Ick, if I started at $7.50, I'd be lucky to break $100 a week. 'S better than nothing, I suppose. Don't. Want. To. Go. Back. Though. Not that I have a choice. I don't want to work at any of the other places I applied, and I don't see myself getting more than minimum wage at Staples or anything. >>

Bah. Overanalyzing. Wouldn't be all that bad, except I'm not sure how I'd get along with Nancy, or vice versa. Didn't like me much when I left. Apparently she likes my mom, but probably doesn't know who she is. I should probably just apply online tomorrow or Friday and call the hiring manager guy (who also likes my mom) and/or talk to him in person and convince him that he wants me back. @_@

There is still sand in the bag of Twizzlers I opened at the beach. Mm, rocks.

My face is starting to peel already. Not too bad though. The rest of the burn is fading. Tight around my shoulders, where it was the worst to begin with. Itchy now, but still doesn't hurt. Weird.

Shite, I forgot to make the blood drive appointment. Rawr.

So my brother's done with school for the year. Possibly done with AC forever. >> Had to pass his Anatomy final in order to pass the class. Not sure he passed the final. x_x; Also in danger of failing math. Fail one class, you get summer school. Fail two? You don't go back to AC. It's so fucking frustrating because he's SMART. He just lacks any and all motivation and has no desire to succeed. His GPA is in the low 2.something range, which is actually lower than even some of the shittiest state schools want. And he got a 1540 or something on the SAT. The one that's out of 2400. This kid is fucked and it's just sad.

Andyeah. ADD again. Bye.


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