Jun. 18th, 2007

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You know you need a life when you get excited over random Holy Grail references in Yu-Gi-Oh! the adbridged series. >3

Applied to work at Stop & Shop again. >> Not pleased, but whatever. It will be easier than having to get trained somewhere else and then leave a month later. My ego is getting shot to hell this summer. Only thing worse would be if I -didn't- get the job. I'd probably have to kill myself. Went in today to talk to the hiring manager, but it's his day off. So I get to go back tomorrow. All of a sudden when I went in today I got really nervous, and I don't know why. I shouldn't really be worried. :| Oh wells. Sean applied there too, and I really can't picture him working. It will be good for him though. To a point. He applied to do carriages, which is great because he'll be pretty much off by himself, not dealing with people, and it will get him some much-needed exercise. BUT, it's getting hotter out and he has asthma and refuses to use his inhaler in public. So God knows what will come of that. I hope he gets the job. He needs to get off his ass and do something (because I'm a great example right now, eh?)

Not sure that I mentioned this before, but my French grade finally got changed. Whee. Now I only have one B. ><

I know this impacts everyone's lives a great deal , but I'm finally quitting Gaia this summer. Hopefully before school starts. There's a long story behind it, kinda, but the short version is that it just sucks. It has for a while, but I stuck around for the people. Now the thread I hung out in is getting shut down and I really have no reason to stay there after I finish raising like, 80 million gold. ><" So yeah. Yay.

Was going to write more, but instead I'm going to play DDR while I'm still motivated to do so. toodles~
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How come when people bleed on the ground in Bleach, it makes squishy noises? >____O

All of a sudden I want to watch Power Rangers again. I wonder if there are torrents somewhere. xP


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