Jun. 22nd, 2007

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Bed, Bath, and Beyond just called me. I have an interview Monday at 1:30. Happy SOMETHING is finally coming from one of the many applications I filled out, but I'm not thrilled about working there. >> OH wells. It's something. Wish I'd called them on my own last week or something, but the whole not wanting to work there thing got in the way. OH wells, again. Who knows, if I my schedule winds up being the same thing every day/week, maybe I'll try S&S again anyway. I've lost 5-6 weeks of the summer already and I could use whatever money I can get. Rawr.
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Blargh. Bored. Stargate SG-1 series finale was made of fail. Bleach download is not going fast enough, though I've discovered that uTorrent lets you prioritize the files in folders you download, meaning I've watched 6 of the eps already and it's only 85% complete. I need a life.

Room's still not clean. Still unemployed, but hopefully that's changing. Still don't understand Calc. Realized two days ago that I forgot to attach a paper to the test I turned in last week, and the professor still hasn't responded to my email. Blarghle.

The thought of paying $150 for a lifetime subscription to LJ makes me laugh. Hard. It's already free, so wtf.

Blood drive tomorrow, yay! Duno why I'm excited about it. Who in their right mind gets exicted about being stabbed in the arm and losing a pint of blood? From the time I wake up tomorrow til after the entire thing's done, I'll probably be hating myself. Always feel good about it after though, and it's a good thing to do, so whatever. It's funny, it's never something I'd thought of doing before, except once when I heard about it on the radio but was too young to do it anyway. The first time Jet mentioned it at school I was all "woooo yay!", and the second time we went I was like "blehhhhhhhh nuuuu~" but did it anyway. :3 It's really not that bad. They prick your finger to test your iron before you go in, and then the only thing you have to worry about is the needle in your arm. 's probably like, 3-4 inches long, but they cover it with a gauze pad so you can't see it. What's really cool is feeling the blood flowing through the tube down your arm. It's really warm too. >3

Yeahhh... I suppose I should go to bed now. Need to get up early and actually eat breakfast, bah.


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