Jul. 5th, 2007

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I am REALLY fucking annoyed with my internet right now. I can't stay connected and I don't know why. It worked fine for a few days after doing this before, but now it's retarded again. At least it's considerate enough to warn me that it's cutting out by making Windows Media Player skip and everything else lag for a few seconds. >> Pero no comprendo. Y no me gusta.

Realized that because classes start on a Thursday, my first class of the semester is at 4pm. lolz.

Really really hate that I don't have a job. But I've pretty much given up on that. Because no one out of the 8 or 9 places I applied wanted temp/summer help. Nowhere else that I apply -now- is going to let me work for a month. So what it comes down to is that I'm pretty much fucked. I'll be getting a $1k check in September, but that's pretty much spoken for already. Tis a scholarship that I have to renew, but I have to get the paperwork stamped by VCU to prove that I go there; obviously can't do that til I go down there, at which point the bill will have been paid in full, meaning I get the check. Minimum $300 of that is going to books for this semester. This entire thing is just a freaking mess. Mom said she'd talk to the guy at Stop & Shop because he likes her. Also said she would have said something sooner, but didn't want to get in my way. I appreciate that, but I would have appreciated more if she had said something when I applied there a month ago and nothing had come of it. I'm pretty sure Nancy despises me as it is, and if I were to work there I'm sure things would only get worse with my being there for A MONTH. I nertwuehepweqdwenfgpvwish VCU didn't start in the middle of August. >> If we started later I probably could have gotten -something.-

xdewrmi23ofcmadsacva;emwr ARGH.

There was something else I was going to rant about, but now I'm just going to give up and go to bed. Have to get up early because I'm (hopefully) giving blood today! I'm going to be freaking pissed off if they tell me no again.


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