Jul. 9th, 2007

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It's 1am, and I am sleepy. Yet I don't want to go to bed. It's covered in stuff anyway.

Freaked out yesterday (Saturday, really) because my computer was freaking out. Turns out McAfee blocked some vital Windows thing. Should have called Dell that night, but I was frustrated and didn't want to deal with it. Ferdy's dad looked at it today/Sunday but couldn't figure it out. I called Dell when I got home, and after 45 minutes of being on hold, I spent another half hour talking to a guy about it. All I had to do was uninstall McAfee and do a system restore. It was so simple (relatively) that I kinda feel stupid. Relieved though, because all my files and crap are still here. Which does bug me a little since I spent a few hours resizing ALL my photos so they'd fit on one CD, and I updated Alvin, and cleaned out My Documents and crap. Not like that isn't stuff that needed to be done anyway, but I was freaking out about losing everything, and there was no need. Whatever.

In the process, realized that I DON'T have a DVD burner. ;o; So I have 70 episodes of Bleach chilling here with nowhere to go. [livejournal.com profile] angelinthesky99 found me a 250(?)GB external HD for ~$156, which would be amazing if I only had a job. Once I do get one and have money to spend (or maybe for Christmas, whichever's sooner >>), I'll get either an HD or a DVD burner for anime. This ruins my plan too, because I was going to copy all the anime DVDs I have and sell the DVDs on eBay. D'oh. Oh wells.

What else... rawr.

Oh. Dropped off another math test on Thursday, only to find that again, no homework had been returned. Called the math teacher lady on Friday and left a message essentially saying "wtf, yo." She called me back Saturday morning and said my homework -was- corrected, but this is her first time doing a home studies course and obviously she's missing something. Um yeah, you're missing the part where the homework gets returned so I can figure out what I'm doing wrong BEFORE I take the exam. Which, yeah, not looking forward to the midterm I have to take this week. Not a fan of differentiation. Very much a fan of only needing a C to pass. u.u

OKay, Wii Tennis is more exciting than this. I goes to play nao. Bai


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