Jul. 10th, 2007

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I really, really wish I'd been able to get a job this summer. Just to mock me, 500 GB HDs are popping up on sale everywhere. Hopefully I can get a job at school, and once I have money to spare, I'm going to check out Dell to see how much internal DVD burners + installation cost. :3 And maybe get a small HD just to have.

Called the Red Cross today. Talked to four different people, the first three of which didn't seem to know who to send my call to. The last lady "helped" me, and cleared up the problem of my being deferred til long after I am dead: now I only have to wait 4-8 weeks until I can give blood with the Red Cross again. If I feel like it.

I've discovered Japanese clips of Les Mis on YouTube. Understood half of "I Dreamed a Dream", but probably only because I know the entire song in English and could follow it. And I've learned dream, hope, love, etc in Japanese. So yeah. If only I knew the grammar. Also discovered that Ricky Martin played Marius on Broadway for a while. WTF EW. I'm trying to listen to/watch more clips nao, but Sean's playing RE4 on the Wii, and it's really hard to appreciate the music when people are yelling in Spanish, screaming when they get shot multiple times, and Sean's yelling "Oh god. Oh god, where did you come from? No, get away! Ahh! Haha, beat you. AGH! This ain't a cutscene, press A!"


EDIT: Listened to Ricky Martin doing "A Little Fall of Rain." I think my eardrums are bleeding. Michael Ball and Lea Salonga ftw. Below: "Empty Chairs at Empty Tables." D: His pronounciation of things is killing me. This is how it's supposed to be done.

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D: D: D: D: D:

I'm home alone, but I SWEAR someone's downstairs. I really hope it's the damn dog. D: This is all my father's fault. He said he was leaving for work, then came upstairs ten minutes later and scared the crap out of me. ARRRRRGH. And I have to go pick up Mom & Sean at Wellington in ten minutes. I don't want to go downstairs.


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