Jul. 14th, 2007

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Crap. So I never informed VCU about the scholarship I got last year. Can I get in trouble for that? D: Someone had to sign off on it before I could send it last year, so you'd think they'd make a note of it or something. I really hope I don't wind up owing VCU $1k for last year, since they're most likely going to reduce my financial aid. Fuck.

Dropped my parents at Logan at 6am today. Luckily it's Saturday and there was no traffic, because I definitely wound up in the Ted Williams tunnel instead of the Sumner Tunnel. That was interesting. Still on 93, but not the way I expected to be going home. I honestly don't think there was a way to leave the terminal and get to where I wanted to be. But whatever. >> It's going to be weird without the parentals around for four days. o__O It's funny to think that this is the first time they've left us home alone overnight. EVER. I'm pretty sure my mom's going to call every few hours. And my grandparents, for that matter. Both grandmothers are freaking out about it. Gram asked Mom if they should have us over for dinner some night. >>; Because we're not old enough to use the stove or anything? The main problem is going to be getting up early enough to take the dog out so she doesn't leave us presents. Yay. And then of course we're going to the Sox game on Mondays. They're playing the Royals, ew. If only it were the Yankees. That would be awesome.

I swear it's getting hotter now than it was earlier. Ick. I hate when it's hot and muggy.

Crap, I need to find my Red Sox hat.

This summer has been a total waste of life. The only thing that's going according to plan is that I'm taking the Calc class, and even THAT is getting screwed up. I think the teacher was fucking on vacation this week, because I called three times looking for my homework, which still wasn't there. Called her twice, and even went to her office one day, and she wasn't there. So now everything's been pushed back a week. Luckily I still have a week and a half to play with as far as getting everything done, but the problem is going to be getting the transcript to VCU in time to stay in the Calc II class. Urk.

Whee, I'm proud of myself. I came up with a good idea for a PSP event all by myself. Yay~

So I have a serious productivity/procrastination problem. I'll sit down with a to do list, knock off the first few things in quick succession, and then decide to pick up the rest later. Then I'm lucky if I get anything done in the next few days. Been trying to force myself to do things lately, which is working a little bit. That's the only way to do things though- if I make myself do everything instead of putting it off, hopefully I can just train myself to get shit done.

Speaking of which, I'm already making lists of what I have to bring back to school. I haven't even unpacked all my junk yet, and now I'm thinking about repacking it. Ugh. Living so far away is such a bitch. D: Bought a microwave today though, yey.

Sean has RE4 for the Wii. I've been watching him play it, and I likes it. I'm skerred to play it by myself though. Not to mention I started The Ocarina of Time, and he has Twilight Princess. And I wanted to replay KH, KH2, FFVII, FFX, and possibly FFXII. Those I can probably take back to school with me though. Not like I'll play them, I bet.

Sean's watching Blade II and OMG. Surround sound may be one of the best and worst inventions ever.

My dog smells funny. Ew. >.o

Done rambling now. Bye.


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