Jul. 17th, 2007

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So a luelinks user stole a copy of HP7 from the Shaw's he works at, and put the entire thing online, according to Sean. And then some others fucked with it because they wanted to destroy 4channers' computers. Nice.

Finally got my math homework back. I got a 92, 68, an 69. FUCK. I only need a C/70 to move on to Calc II, but Jesus. So fucked.

Freaking exhausted right now, so I'll update tomorrow.

Things to come: Kason Gabbard = win. Power going out, unless I wrote about that already. My mother lying to me, yay. Sean being freaking retarded. The T being MORE freaking retarded for leaving him behind. Calc also being retarded. Being home aloneish for a weekend. Possibly a novel about something unrelated, if I have enough time after trying to figure out how NOT to fail Calc.

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Adventures in Boston )

So apparently Mom doesn't trust me driving on the highway. And has said so to Sean. And has told me that I'm a good driver and she does trust me. Umwut? And she lets me drive up to Woburn/Burlington all the time... so, what? It's okay if I kill myself, but not Sean? Great, thanks.

Calc sucks. Luckily the problems I got wrong on these tests, I can resubmit for credit. Problem: They're the same problems I didn't know how to do in the first place. Yay. So I have to go try to figure those out now, and study for the exam. And possibly work on the next chapter. >
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For the record, I hate math.


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