Jul. 25th, 2007

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I'm dreading 3pm tomorrow. That's when I have to call and see whether or not I really have to show up for jury duty on Friday. Supposedly they send letters to a lot more people than they need, so I should have a pretty good chance of not having to go; however, in situations like this, I always seem to defy the odds. x___x; I really don't want to go.

I want to read all the HP books over again now. Not that I have the time. u.u Then again, in three and a half weeks we're trekking back to Richmond, so you never know.

Also not looking forward to that drive, because I'm sure my father's coming too. Aside from the general animosity and everything else, he can't drive. The entire way back in May, he was swerving over the lines on the highway. .-. I want to live long enough to graduate, kthx. But because he's the man of the family, he usually refuses to let Mom drive. I don't see myself being allowed to drive, because whether we take our car or rent a van again, it'll probably be pretty cramped in the backseat and I don't know that either of them would want to sit back there. Augh.

I emailed Ms. Seminara a day or two ago about getting a recommendation for a scholarship, for which the deadline is next Tuesday. No response yet. I get retardedly nervous when checking my email though. I want to know what she says (though somehow I don't believe she'd turn me down if she gets it in time), but I feel guilty and awkward emailing her out of nowherejust to ask her about that. Fluffed the email with a bit about joining PSP and enjoying the class I took with her friend (which I didn't u.u) but... I duno. Ish weird. Doesn't help that I HATE imposing on people, which I feel like I'm doing now. Though I'm going to rationalize now and say that it's not like keeping an email relationship with her over the school year would have worked; when I emailed her in September to say that I'd met her friends, it was kinda like "Oh that's great! Good luck, kbye." She always seemed to be in a rush though. :\ It was weird. Ah, well. Email's been sent and there's nothing I can do about it now.

I faxed VCU the official change form thing to tell them about the scholarship, but they didn't do anything with it today. I wish I'd get an email about it or something, just so I know whether or not my financial aid is going down before I renew my loan.

And I really wish Allison would get back to me. Argh. Planning events is a bitch.

Just remembered I need to rescue the "Do Not Enter" sign from the garage, and clean it, and figure out how/where to hang it at school. And possibly hide it from my parents? I've mentioned to Mom about taking it, and she always says no. But I need new things to put on my wall now. D: Oh, damn. AC Moore had picture frames on sale this week. Crap.

I should be doing math right now. Took the exam on Monday, not to pleased with the result. Left two of the twenty questions blank because I didn't even know where to start in terms of getting an answer. Eight others I wasn't two confident about. Ten I breezed through. We'll see what comes of it. u__u I've only just started chapter three, but that needs to be finished tomorrow night if I have jury duty, or early Friday morning if I don't. Don't have any more extra weeks to play with. On the upside, I'm taking the final in two weeks, which is great. It's almost over, yay. And then I get to spend 15 weeks in Calc II, which apparently is the one that kicks everyone's ass. x_____________x"

What the hell, my icon just disappeared. o_O

Off to be productive, I guess. I swear I'm going to bed at midnight tonight. D


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