Jul. 30th, 2007

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So I never heard back from Ms. Seminara. I'm starting to hope that I got her email address wrong or something, so that she just won't get the email. Otherwise, it's going to be really fucking awkward if she gets it in like, two weeks or something, after it's too late. But oh well.

I am so sick of listening to Guitar Hero. I wish Sean would go away for a while.

I really don't want to do anything right now. As usual my room needs cleaning, but it's almost counter productive to do it now, since I'll be tearing it apart in two weeks looking for stuff to take with me. I need to buy some new posters or something for my room at WG. It got boring last year. It's going to be a lot better this year because of the stuff I've already bought, and all the pictures I'm bringing with me, but it still needs more cowbell. Going shopping with Nanny tomorrow, so god knows what I'll come back with. I also need to root through all the boxes of junk in the garage and repack things, but of course I haven't. It's too hot, and the entire cellar reeks of mold. Yum.

I can't believe August is in two freaking days. D: I'm dying to go back to Richmond, but I could do without classes starting and all the crap that ensues. Oh wells.

My computer mocks me. I just tried going to CVS with a CD that should have had ALL my pictures on it so that I could print some, only to find out that it only copied 75 of the few hundred that I have. WRYYYYY? I guess it's time to break out my new flash drive and toss everything on there.
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You know how people say exercise makes you feel happier and more energized?

Yeah, they lied. 45 minutes playing (and pwning) DDR has only left me sweaty and smelly. >\


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