Aug. 2nd, 2007

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So on what planet is it a student's responsibility to call the teacher and inform her that I turned in my work?! Jesus fucking Christ.

From the beginning:
Mom called BHCC this morning looking for my grades and/or work. Nothing. Called the teacher and left an apparently bitchy voice mail saying that I was on a deadline and this crap needed to get done and whatever. Lady calls back later and talks to me, tells me I got a 39 on the midterm. Freaking sweet. I get to retake it on Monday, oh joy. But she told me that she never knew the midterm was there waiting to be corrected because I never called or emailed her to tell her. What the fuck? Nowhere in the syllabus or course policy does it say that. I think she was offended that I got mad at her and said it shouldn't be my responsibility. So rawr. She called back again later to tell me what to study for the midterm again. Kept apologizing over the thing about telling her when I turn in assignments, and said I was right because it wasn't in the syllabus and she had edited it for the next semester. Rawr, whatever. So now I have to finish the last chapter and turn it in tomorrow (and email her about it), take the midterm over on Monday, and take the final on Friday. BHCC won't be able to give me a transcript in time, regardless of when I finish (which I think is stupid, but whatever), so I have to talk to someone from VCU on Monday to find out how to work things out without the transcript. I don't see why a progress report or something and a letter from the teacher shouldn't be enough so long as they know the transcript is on its way. But argh.


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