Aug. 4th, 2007

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I fail to see why the BPD only uses Fords. They suck arse. Crown Vics I get because they're roomy and big and whatever. But there's an ugly-as-fuck Ford POS sitting in my driveway right now, and it's the color of mud. Literally. If unmarked cars are supposed to blend in with normal traffic, why the fuck are they so ugly? I've never seen this color or model before. Ever. And it's got three antennae on it. Cars now don't even have those.

But I want to drive it. And play with the computer in it. And push all the buttons and geek around in it. Because... yeah. Last time I was in a cop car it was a cruiser and I was fucking young. More excited about "lolz I'm sitting in the front seat of a police car yaaaay!" than "zomg look at all the equipment."

I want to play with the new toyyyyy. ;o; *flail*
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I think I got screwed over in terms of financial aid and my bill and such. eServices says my estimated cost of attendance this year is $30k and change, with $11.6k in financial aid. And I don't know what's going to come of my other 1k scholarship. So I took out a $19k loan, 3k more than last year, which has been approved. So far my bill is only $13kish, and if that stays the same, I'll only be paying $27k tops. Where the hell is that other 3k going? If I took out a lot more money than I needed, I'm going to be pissed. That leftover money will be going in a CD either to be used for next year or to pay off the loan when I graduate, but jesus christ. Not going to be a happy kitty.

I really, really hope I can get a job at school this year. I'd love to just sit in an office and answer phones or something, but it seems like every job on campus is work-study. =( Duno where else I would go, unless there's something on Broad St. Eww. I duno. But I would love to make enough to have spending money and money for those unexpected things that come up, pay my PSP dues (because I totally forgot about that), and be able to start a new bank account to put money aside for the purpose of paying off my loans. I'm probably being totally unrealistic here, but it would be nice.


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