Aug. 5th, 2007

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So my plan way back when was to download all of Death Note and burn it to DVDs if I liked it enough. At the beginning of the summer I deleted what I had on my computer because it was taking up space and I had no way of burning it. Thought I could re-dl all of it later.

Come to find out, Viz sent out mean letters to fansub groups and made them take it down. With only three episodes left in the series! D< Not freaking cool.

I guess now I have to wait for the French group to catch up. D: Bahhh. I've still got ep. 30 to watch in English. And that happens to be the last one released by the French group. Which means they're slow, but oh well.

Why do the gods of anime mock me so?
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Le flail.

I've been checking the 10-day forecast for Richmond for the past few days. For no reason. They're supposed to have thunderstorms for like, the next week. DO FREAKING WANT.

Tomorrow Mommy's going to call and see if I can move in Friday of next week instead of Saturday. Because that would be made of freaking win. We're leaving here Thursday because Mom doesn't want to get stuck in traffic on Friday like we did last year and add 5 hours to the trip. So the original plan was to go shopping on Friday (with all the crap in the car still) and move in on Saturday, and they would leave Saturday night. If I can move in Friday since I'm there anyway, it would be more convenient. The only part that would suck is that practically no one will be there Saturday for me to annoy; Jet's moving in Monday, Stacey doesn't know when she's getting there, Michelle got the greeter job and will be working til 8pm. Teh sad. Mary Beth is moving in on Saturday, but I don't know when, and I assume her entire family will be coming down, so she'll be with them all day. Oh wells, whatever. I'll grab a book and sit in the hall and/or nurses' station to greet people xP

Oh right. Math exam tomorrow. I should go study.
Is it bad that I feel a lot more confident about it now? Because I feel like I shouldn't. And that I will fail this as well. D:


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