Aug. 7th, 2007

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Hahahaha what the fuck. I had intended on going to bed at freaking 1130 last night, and now it's 510 this morning. Got stuck reading 37 chapters (462 pages!) of a yugioh fic I had thought was long abandoned. Oh, how much do I suck? I've thought about staying up for the next few hours, maybe it will make me fall asleep faster tonight. Buuuuut between 3-7 is ALWAYS when I get bored when pulling all-nighters, and there's really nothing else I want to do. So I may as well sleep. It's so damn hot though. Yuck.

Mmm... sleep sounds good. All like, 4 hours that I'll get. Bah.
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lolol. The sun was out before I feel asleep this morning. That's sad.

Woke up at 10 because my alarm went off, and BCN was playing some annoying Green Day song. Proceeded to get nice and comfy when my phone rang. D: VCU people are totally not helpful. And they woke me up. Then my other alarm went off at 1015. Notcool. D:

And when the phone was ringing I had magically fallen back to sleep in the span of the five minutes between the phone and the alarm, and I was definitely having a dream that involved CALCULUS.


I don't even know what the dream was about, except the entire thing wound up being like, the last episode filmed for a TV series, and there was this kid who was like 15 who was the main character, and at the end he ran around saying hi to fans or something, and showed them the script. It was just one page, printed on a blue piece of paper. And somehow they had managed to take the derivative of the script? O_o The entire paper was covered in "cos." What the hell, I have no idea what that all meant.

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Bahaha. Went to the library and got 5 new musical soundtracks. Ripping nao. I'm excited. :3 I got the Evita (movie soundtrack; should watch it some time), Jekyll & Hyde (it's two discs! I love two disc shows! /geek), Godspell, My Fair Lady, and Into the Woods. My Fair Lady I've seen the movie of, and really liked it when I was little. Hope this CD is good. I have no idea whether or not I'll like any of the others, but that's why they're from the library. >3 [Lizzard, if you read this, do you want any of them?]

I've been listening to Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat a lot recently. It's the London cast that Lizzard sent me, and it's really good, but it also makes me sad because the cast in the movie is so much better. ;o; Donny Osmond is on the Canadian recording, but I can't stand the narrator on that one. >< Such is life.

I may have to make another stop at the library before I go back to Richmond, just for more musicals. They're reorganized their CDs so it's much easier to find things now. They had so many show soundtracks! *-* And I'm such a geek but I love it.

Now that I think about it, I'm pretty sure Into the Woods was done as a play when I went to Dramafest. I think it was the one with the crazy inverted set, and that ran over the 40 minutes? I duno.

9 days til I leave. Wow.

Math midterm went fairly well yesterday, I think. Frustrated because one problem was exactly like one that had been on the homework, and for the life of me I couldn't remember how to do it right. It was so simple too. D: And the very last problem was almost exactly like one on the other midterm; I hadn't bothered studying how to do that kind because it involved remembering formulas for area and volume of weird shapes that I never learned in geometry and didn't think I could remember this time. Come to find out it was the same equation that I needed on the last one and hadn't bothered to look up. Pissed about that. ;-; Pretty sure I did better than a 39 this time though. Praying for somewhere in the 80s, but I duno.

Wow, Godspell is pretty good. Better than Jesus Christ Superstar. Ahh, I should find Mom's copy of that and rip it anyway. I like a few of the songs.

On a completely unrelated note, I really hate playing phone tag with people at VCU. I had to talk to five different people to find out how not to get kicked out of my Calc II class without a transcript. Seriously, it was a yes or no question. x_x

There's a fire alarm going off across the street. Reminds me of good ol' Dub G. I seriously hope we don't have any more middle of the night fire drills.

Rrawrgh. I'mma go be productive. kbai.
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So I saw Jesus this morning.

It was the weirdest thing. I'm chalking it up to being tired. But I was lying on my bed reading that fic I stayed up all night with, and out of the corner of my eye, I can see across the room and I swear I saw something that looked exactly like one of those Jesus statues. He was standing there with his left arm bent so his hand was at his hip (not on it though). The other arm was up and outstretched, palm out like you see in pictures, ready to take your hand. When I looked right at the spot where I saw him, all that was there was my backpack leaning up against some cardboard boxes. I told myself I was just crazy, but it didn't go away. =\ Every time I looked back at the computer screen, I wasn't seeing just a bunch of crap in my room, but that weird Jesus. I finally had to get up and toss a pillow over stuff. Luckily backpack!Jesus didn't move or talk to me, but it was really freaking weird.

Yeahhhh. So anyway, I was going to talk about this crap at some other point, but now it's semi-appropriate, I guess? I've decided I'm not really an atheist (which I stopped saying long ago, but whatever). It's not that I expressly do not believe in a god or higher power of some kind, it's just that I don't care. It doesn't bother me to think that there really isn't something "up there," but if there is, that doesn't really bother me.

I'll elaborate later, I think. I'm sleepy now and it won't make sense.
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Jekyll & Hyde is MADE OF WIN. *o*

And I am a geek. But seriously, I heart this now. I've not really been paying close attention to the words since I'm tired and reading, but what I've heard, I really like. The voices are REALLY good. And it sounds very... I duno, I want to say classic? It's not like RENT or Wicked with too many instruments or fancy overpowering vocals (even though it works for those two). It's just... mm. I fail at expressing myself, huh? The music is almost subtle; the focus seems to be on the voices and the lyrics. And it is made of win.



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