Aug. 8th, 2007

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What do you do when you can't go to sleep?

You stay up and read more fanfiction while listening to musicals, and then you go link surfing on Wikipedia.

So far I've found out that the guy who plays Jekyll/Hyde has also been the Phantom of the Opera, and he was Enjolras in Les Mis on Broadway. According to Wikipedia, "considered by many to be the best performer in the role ever." I can totally hear him being perfect for those parts. Must... find... CDs...

Why is it that all the amazing singers have to be Australian and leave me no hope of ever seeing them ever? (By all I mean two so far, butstill.)

Also, the Iron Chef was Jekyll/Hyde in Japan.

I would freaking love to see this show if it ever toured again; the J/H actor MUST be amazingly talented to be able to play both roles. *____*

Kay. Sleep nao.

I hope.
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I think I'm really going to sleep after I write this... But I am ecstatic because I finally found the notebook where I'd been writing a stupid yugioh fic in high school. (Christ, saying that makes me feel old!) I really don't see myself continuing the story, even though I want to. But I am happy to have found not only that notebook, but the polka dotted expanding file thinger where all my writing crap seemed to wind up.

Fucking win.
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Lawlz. If I didn't know better, I would start wondering if I was adopted. My entire immediate family has high cholesterol and high blood pressure, plus a host of other problems. None of which I have.

Everyone in my family (who I'm related to by blood anyway) has glasses. Everyone.
Me? I went to the eye doctor for the first time in seven years today, and he tells me I have perfect vision, "better than 20/20, actually."

...I lol'd.
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I am wildly unmotivated to study for my calc final, despite needing at least a 70 on it to get my damn C. And by wildly unmotivated, I mean I just read through both chapters and I couldn't tell you what they're about.

The applications of differentiation chapter isn't too bad; I can draw graphs. u.u Will have to remember the derivative tests and such, because I'm sure I'll get problems saying "Use (theorem) to solve (eqn)" or some stupid shit. Integrals I get the basic idea of, so I'll just have to pay attention to details of those.

You'd think that being nervous about the exam would motivate me to study. You would think. D:


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