Aug. 10th, 2007

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I keep dropping my fucking mouse, and it refuses to work for a while after this. I loathe the touchpad with a flaming passion. Rawrgh.

Got an email from my math teacher this morning, in response to one I sent yesterday. I had said that I wanted to take the exam today, and she questioned whether that was a good idea. Mom said last night she didn't think it was a good idea either, but wasn't going to interfere. Blah. Still disappointed with myself, but whatever.

Exactly a week from now, I will be in Richmond, if not in WG. I can't believe it. I'm excited about it and I can't wait to get back and see everyone I haven't seen since June, but it feels so weird. This time last year I was so anxious and full of anticipation and freaking out about packing and such, that when it came down to it I wasn't focusing so much on the MOVING part as everything else involved in it. I guess I've come and gone so many times now that it's not a big deal? It's just like going back after break, except with a lot more hassle. It's just weird. And I really wish I could express myself better. But yeah. Totally weird to think that a week from now I'll be 500 miles away.

Commence the laundering and packing of every article of clothing I own.

In other news, it's freaking SIXTY-TWO DEGREES right now. OH EM GEE this is fucking amazing. I'm wearing a sweatshirt and PJ pants and loving it! =3
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Right. So yesterday I tossed my phone somewhere, and I can't remember where "somewhere" is. So any calls and/or texts after say... five maybe? Have gone unnoticed. "Accio cell phone!" just isn't working. So yeah.

Being home gets me in the bad habit of putting the phone down and wandering around the house without it, and sometimes not bothering to grab it before going out. I hope I remember it when I go back to school >>
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[22:09] Sean: hi, my name's "cat" and i am a weeaboo and i am stupid and i like bad musicals and i am ugly and i am a weeaboo
[22:10] SenorKitKat: you said weeaboo twice
[22:10] Sean: i know
[22:11] Sean: i also forgot to say cheap

...He's so fucking charming.
I'm gonna miss him again. lesigh


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