Aug. 11th, 2007

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It's funny, how I become obsessed with almost every new musical I find. Wikipedia says that some time last year plans were announced for a movie version of Jekyll & Hyde. Nothing since then though. I'm sure that it would still be a year or two before the movie came out, but that would be amazing. Especially if they got the guy from the CD I have. *o*

Also, to add to what I said about the good actors being Australian? While Mom was collecting my laundry she listened to it and went, "o_O That sounds like Javert..."

Come to think of it, Phillip Quast would probably be good for this role too. I think he'd be too old though.

I need to read this book now. Though I'm almost afraid to try, because Wicked turned out to be so different. Then again, this sounds vaguely similar to what I remember seeing on Wishbone forever ago.

AH. lightbulb just went on. There was a reason this show was sticking in my mind, and I finally remember what it was. I heard "The World has Gone Insane" when I was flying back to Richmond in June. God bless XM radio and its Broadway channel. x]

Okay so seriously? Jekyll's friend is a bitch and a half for not killing him. >|
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I'm going to fail my calc final. I know I am. I don't fucking get it. So I'm going to fail the final, and fail the class, and waste $400 and have to repeat the damn thing and royally screw up my schedule for god knows how many semesters. Fuck this.


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